Twitter working on next-gen TweetDeck app with power users in mind

Remember back before Christmas when Twitter redesigned their interface with new "discovery" oriented pages? Remember how it made finding DM's and mentions harder by burying them a level deeper? Well if you're one of the many that hated the changes (Twitter refers to us as "power users") you'll like this news. TweetDeck, which was purchased by Twitter proper in May 2011, is in the process of being redesigned with you in mind. Details are sparse, but they all seem centered around a job listing by Twitter, Inc. which reads, in part:

About This JobThe TweetDeck team, working from London, is looking for new team members to work on our cutting edge Android app. We’re building the next generation of a suite of clients that millions of people love and use everyday. You’ll work on our small team, own the projects that you work on, and have a great time shipping products which change the way people communicate.

After the recent updates to the native Android app, and the lack of recent updates to TweetDeck (opens in new tab), we're ready for a "cutting edge" app from the folks at Twitter. Don't forget the tablet interface, please.

Source: Twitter; via TechCrunch

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • TweakDeck is pretty good in the mean time...although the last update broke it for me.
  • Will it still include Facebook?
  • As long as MoDaco has a TweakDeck version short after..
  • Are they gonna fix the desktop app that they completely ruined as well??
    I swear Twitter just bought Tweetdeck in order to sabotage competition...
  • +1. I reinstalled the older version. It has so much more utility than the new one, there's no comparison.
  • I'm having shitty experience with adding a second twitter account w/ TweetDeck. Yeah, this app needs to be scraped and redone.
  • The new desktop/Chrome app is not good either. Conversation view never works for me, and viewing Twitter profiles has almost no functionality. It's next to impossible to retweet something viewed on a profile, for example.
  • I think you mean "power losers."
  • This is why I use TweetCaster.
  • + 1000
  • I have one thing to say, ok two... Uhhh ohhhh and I want back. The End
  • Hyperbole
  • Well I guess I could just feed my kids every other day to buy one....
  • So I proceed to download tweetdeck on reading this post, but the landing page downloads me a windows installer instead of a os x version when I click on the download link. Then I proceed to install the mac version of tweetdeck and sign up an account. That went fine. And then I proceed add a twitter account. The child window to add a Twitter account hides in the back of tweetdeck. But I manage to add a twitter account. I want to add another twitter account. But not luck. It just won't let me. I tried all my options. TweetDeck sucks.
  • tweetdeck is powerful
  • The new desktop version sucks, I miss the foursquare integration. Twitter haven't got a clue about why people use(d) Tweetdeck and the same applies for the mobile version. I have no doubt that they'll ruin it.