Twitter streamlines the login process with your Google account or Apple ID

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What you need to know

  • Twitter has added support for third-party sign-up or login with Google and Apple.
  • The new option removes the need to enter your password and email when signing in.
  • Signing in with your Apple ID is currently exclusive to iOS, however.

Twitter has made its sign-in process a bit more seamless on mobile and the web. The micro-blogging platform has added a new option to create or log in to your account using your Google account or Apple ID.

The new sign-in experience allows you to sign up or log in with Google or Apple without having to enter an email address and password, providing a more streamlined approach to Twitter's regular process. The new feature went live on Twitter Beta for Google accounts last month, but now it's rolling out more widely on mobile and the web.

There are some limitations to the new experience at the moment, however. While you can sign in with Google on any of the best Android phones and the web, Apple's implementation is currently limited only to iOS. That said, Twitter promised to roll out support for the web soon.

Twitter has also added the option to link your Apple ID or Google account to your existing account when you log in, provided the emails are the same. In case you have a change of heart, you can disconnect your Twitter account from Google or Apple, although this option is available only on the web, as per a Twitter support page. This option is coming to iOS and Android in the future, nonetheless.

The simultaneous rollout of the new feature on Android and iOS makes sense as Apple's App Store guidelines require apps to offer Sign in with Apple if they're going to support other third-party login options.

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