Tronsmart Titan Plus review: The easiest way to charge multiple devices at once

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Price: $35Bottom line: The Tronsmart Titan Plus is a great choice if you're looking to charge several devices simultaneously. The five USB-A ports offer universal compatibility, and VoltiQ tech automatically selects the optimal charging speed for a particular accessory.


  • +

    Quick Charge 3.0 on all ports

  • +

    Durable design

  • +

    Compatible with Huawei's fast charging tech


  • -

    Larger than other five-port chargers

  • -

    No USB-C to USB-C port

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Tronsmart is a Chinese accessory vendor that primarily deals in charging solutions, with its Titan series being one of the more robust five-port desktop chargers around. The first-gen Titan made its debut over three years ago — offering Quick Charge 2.0 across five ports — and the brand has rolled out an updated variant dubbed the Tronsmart Titan Plus with faster charging speeds.

The Tronsmart Titan Plus has the same design as its predecessor: it's a big rectangular slab made out of plastic with five USB-A ports on one side, power input on the other, and an on/off switch. It has rubber pads at the bottom that prevent it from sliding around on your desk, and there's an internal heat sink that ensures it doesn't get hot when simultaneously charging several devices.

The highlight of the Tronsmart Titan Plus is that it offers Quick Charge 3.0 on all five ports, totaling 90W — or 18W per port. So you'll be able to charge five phones at Quick Charge 3.0 speeds simultaneously. The charger relies on Tronsmart's VoltiQ tech, which automatically determines the optimal charging speed based on the accessory connected. So if you're connecting a phone, a tablet, wireless headset, or a powerbank, the Titan Plus will allocate power accordingly to each device.

The charger can switch between 5.0-6.5V at 3A, 6.5-9V at 2A, and 9-12V at 1.5A. It is also compliant with Huawei's fast charging tech, so you'll be able to use it to top up your Huawei phone. As the Titan Plus comes with five USB-A ports, it offers universal compatibility — you'll be able to connect your iPad or any other accessory to it. There's abundant choice if you're looking to pick up USB-C cables, and this time I went with Dodocool's $9 nylon braided USB-C cables.

If there's a downside to the Titan Plus, it's that there are no USB-C to USB-C ports — we'll likely see a variant with USB-C ports in the next generation. The charger is also fairly large at 159x81x29mm, so you'll need to make room for it on your desk.

4.5 out of 5

I've used the first-gen Titan for over two years before making the switch to the Titan Plus, and it is now my go-to option for charging the multitude of devices that I have lying around. For $34, the Tronsmart Titan Plus is incredible value if you're looking to charge several devices simultaneously.

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