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Toshiba's trio of tablets is dubbed ANT? Hope not, but at least there's pricing

Tell us this isn't the Toshiba ANT. Somebody please tell us the little beauty we got our paws all over (thus the fingerprints) at CES at isn't called the Toshiba ANT. But according to a trio of listings on NewEgg, you're looking at the Toshiba ANT 100, 102 and 104.

But we're guessing that's not actually the name. ANT could just too easily be a placeholder for Toshiba ANdroid Tablet. ANT.  Or maybe Toshiba's being cute. But we kind of hope not.

The pricing? Well, that's another matter. There are 8GB, 16GB and 32GB versions listed, at $449, $499 and $579, respectively. That's a little higher than what we'd like to see from what we assume will be Wifi-only versions, but remember we're still pretty early in the life of Honeycomb hardware.

Anyhoo, if any of this is starting to whet your appetite, we've put our hands-on from CES after the break of the likely still unnamed tablet. [NewEgg (opens in new tab) via Laptoping, Engadget] Thanks, Bethany!

  • Looking good, i love my toshiba laptop they have made a loyal customer out of me, this might be my first tablet
  • I'm very curious to see how Toshiba supports these. Hopefully they give full support and are not just trying to cash in on the tablet craze.
  • Wasn't it supposed to be called Antares? So Ant for short? Either way, doesn't matter. This tablet is one of the ones I had my eyes on. Either this or the Asus Eee Pad Transformer.
  • Meh... still think the transformer is the way to go.
  • Yeah but, since Asus is running out of transformers and has said that they didn't make that many, I'll probably get this if I can't get my hands on the Transformer. I can't believe Asus made those windows tablets first that nobody wants. AND they didn't make enough Android tablets... Do these companies have marketing/research teams? Not just Asus: Motorola would've sold more 16 GB Xoom's. ($599 is just too high for an entry level) Really, what goes on in these companies?
  • this tablet is best yet. full SD card support full usb stuff. better speakers swappable battery different colored backs. can we AWESOMEEE
  • What is "full USB stuff"?
  • I'm sorry but $499 for the 16gb?? Don't these manufacturers get that they need to be competitively priced to make any kind of mark in the market. At least make the 8gb 399.I bet you the asus transformer will sell way more with its keyboard accessory which differentiates it from other hc tablets and its 399 pricepoint. I understand they have to make money but do these people understand the ipad2 costs the same 499?. I just don't get it
  • Apple has a good marketing team: They understood that these things cost less the MORE you produce them. (Economies of scale) Their fixed costs are distributed even more with the more you sell. Nobody can sell as much as Apple so it takes Apple even less to produce the tablet. That was a risk they took. The Android manufacturers have even more risk because they not only have to deal with Apple, but also have to deal with other Android manufacturers. I don't have their costs numbers but it seems to me that they don't want to take the risk of pricing it low.
  • Hate to say it, but the more i read and see new android tablets, the more i see that none of them are really ready for prime time. Wayyy overpriced. I can get a netbook for far less with better specs
  • But you can't get an iPad2 for better. And that is the target market, not netbooks. I do agree that the prices for Android tablets should be lower than the iPads, but you generally have to stick in the same market segment when comparing prices.
  • I am between the Toshiba and the Asus. I used toshiba laptops and they are great. Does the Toshiba and the Asus will have the Honeycomb with no custom interface, like the XOOM? Thanks
  • Wow everyone is b*tching about pricing! Is everyone that dumb to realize that the 16gb model is THE EXACT SAME PRICE as the equivalent 16gb WIFI ONLY iPad 2? Not to mention the 32gb model IS CHEAPER than the 32gb WIFI ONLY iPad 2 which is at 599 and this is at 579! There is nothing wrong with this pricing. Everyone wanted the xoom and other android tablets to be on par with the ipad price and now you want it cheaper? You also realize this has better hardware than the iPad 2 as well, right? TOSHIBA MADE THE BEST TABLET HARDWARE YET AND WAS THE FIRST WITH HONEYCOMB TO MATCH AND BEAT THE IPAD PRICE AND EVERYONE IS STILL COMPLAINING?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  • Except that its not the first and its not available yet. Acer Iconica will be here first, and it has exactly the same specs.
  • They're competing with upcoming 16GB wifi models from Asus and Samsung for $399. There's no way I would get the ANT or the Xoom with the Transformer on the horizon.
  • @evomaster Since you cannot understand why people are complaining about the price, and insist on yelling, let me explain business 101. Competition (Toshiba is not selling this tablet in a vacuum, there are currently other existing tablets) The average consumer goes into bestbuy and sees the following tablets 16gb Toshiba tablet at 499
    32gb Xoom at 599
    16gb Ipad 2 at 499
    16gb Galaxy 10.1 at 499
    16gb Galaxy 8.9 at 469
    16gb Asus transformer at 399
    16gb Acer Iconia at 449 If 10 people see this lineup, what percentage do you think will opt for toshiba? I think 0-1/10. What do you think? Please enlighten us?? If you don't understand that in order to succeed in this market, they will have to come in at a lower price point, they you don't get it.
  • While price is one factor, and an important one, I'd also look at features and options. I for one want the ability to change the battery when traveling. Although I have not seen it yet, the screen technology sounds great. Those two items would add value for me - value I'm willing to pay for. Now, the memory/disk, there I agree that they are too small. Why have an entry level that will only leave a bad taste in a new user's mouth. Gary