Top 3 Spigen Cases for LG G4

Available in a variety of sizes and colors, these cases for LG G4 are crafted with compatibility for both the plastic and leather doors in mind. Whether you're a fan of the completely clear look, or prefer the extra layers that can handle impacts when the going gets though — these selects cover the basics with a couple additional perks. Take a closer look at the Ultra Hybrid, Slim Armor, and Rugged Armor cases from Spigen past the break.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Clear Case

Perfect for casual protection without any bulk, the Ultra Hybrid Clear Case combines a transparent polycarbonate with a matching TPU bumper around the edges for absorbing minor impacts. It snaps on quick and easy, leaving access to every aspect of the LG G4. As you'd expect, being a clear cover it picks up fingerprints fairly easily, but they don't stand out enough to take away from its see-through style.

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If you're sporting the leather LG G4, this cover would be ideal if you're looking for a case, since it offers extra protection while still showing off that beautiful leather through the plastic. You'll lose that nice leather texture, but hey — that's the compromise of having a case. The Ultra Hybrid is also extremely slender, making sure not to weigh down the LG G4. Between the bumper and the polycarbonate there's plenty of grip to be had, reducing the chances of dropping the device quite a bit. This clear cover is available in a champagne bumper or clear crystal (as pictured), with a price tag of $13.99.

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Spigen Slim Armor Case

Taking the next step in impact control is the Slim Armor Case, utilizing a slightly thicker TPU core and polycarbonate shell. Both layers are not fused together, and can be pulled apart for easier installation and cleaning if necessary. Inside the skin is that nice webbed design Spigen fan boys and girls have come to know and love — dissipating impacts like a champ.

The exterior shell comes in gunmetal (as pictured), gold, white, or violet color options — each with a black skin underneath, except the violet — wearing more of a matching purple. If you're into kickstands, the Slim Armor Case comes with one built-in that sits flush with the rest of the case when not in use. When you're ready to watch a video, pop it open with your fingernail. Even with both layers adding a bit more thickness, this hybrid case is still surprisingly thin on the LG G4, adding sufficient grip. The gunmetal option is currently $19.99, while the other colors are listed for a buck more.

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Spigen Rugged Armor Case

Although it doesn't have dual-layers, the Rugged Armor Case's thick TPU makes it an great choice for protecting the LG G4 from both minor and major drops. Naturally, you'll find the webbed core inside along with complete access to all the LG G4's features. With the case being completely flexible, it's a bit of a double edged sword. You've got easy installation and removal, but the built-in kickstand doesn't seem to sit flush while the phone is out of the case. Not a deal-breaker, but a little annoying.

On the back of the Rugged Armor Case are high glossed accents that reach from side to side, with larger areas providing more of a carbon fiber look and feel. This cover grants a fair grip, but not as great as the aforementioned covers. Some users have had issues with the fit around their leather LG G4, but Spigen has promptly acknowledged this and are in the process of sending out better-fit cases. You'll only find this cover in black, and it's currently priced at $14.99.

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Using a Spigen case on your LG G4?

Have you already picked up one of our listed favorites, or a different Spigen case that suits you better? We'd love to hear which cover is currently protecting your LG G4 and how it's holding up to every day use in the comments below!

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