You might not have heard, but there's this thing this week called Christmas. It's kind of a big deal for some people. Lots of family and friends and food and gifts. If you haven't quite finished your Christmas shopping list yet, there's still time. Today, December 23, is Amazon's deadline for one-day delivery with no minimum purchase required. You'll get your item tomorrow, giving you plenty of time to wrap it, stick it under the tree, and pretend like it's been there for weeks.

Of course, not everything can be delivered in one day. This deadline is limited to just "10 million items" versus "tens of millions" previously. Bummer. Plus, the speed of the delivery can vary based on the item, your location, the different delivery drivers in the area. Hopefully you make it through the holidays unscathed!

Get it now!

One Day Delivery

You still have time to get everything on your list delivered! You might just have to be a little creative if what you really wanted isn't available for the one-day delivery.

Free Shipping

Everyone can get one-day delivery, but only Amazon Prime members can get it for free. If you need to save some money on these deliveries, sign up for the 30-day trial. You'll get the free delivery plus all of Prime's other benefits during a time of the year when you can really put those benefits to good use.

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What can you use this free one-day delivery on? Like I said, millions of things. But a good place to start is Amazon's daily deals section. Got a car nut in the family? Get her a 14-piece Complete Car Care Kit from Chemical Guys. Not only is it something scheduled to arrive before Christmas, but it's also $40 today only. You can save on some other Chemical Guys stuff while you're at it. Some other options include the Guardline DIY security system that's as low as $69.99 and discounted magazine subscriptions.

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