Throwing some fish around the market [#acpodcast]

Galaxy S9 Plus camera
Galaxy S9 Plus camera (Image credit: Android Central)

Andrew Martonik and Alex Dobie ditch the rest of the crew and recover after a busy week of fish mongering and phone testing in Seattle. They talk all about the Samsung Galaxy S9, and the hot features coming in Android P. They also have the scoop on OnePlus 6, which includes a now familiar notch and glass back.

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  • I swear I'm gonna see you around Seattle one of these days.
  • Say "hi" if you do!
  • Yes! Love the podcasts as ALWAYS! Bring on the dog Daniel ! Kindest regards Richard U.K
  • Why aren't these recent podcasts showing up in the past section of the app? I am having to listen to these through the web browser.
  • I'll 2nd that... The podcasts are not showing up within the mobile app - last one shows it's 35 days old. I go through Podcast Addict...