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This set of Tile Bluetooth Trackers makes it easy to find your lost keys or wallet at nearly 45% off

Are you someone who wishes you weren't constantly losing track of your phone, wallet or keys? Tile was created to bring a solution to the age-old problem of "where did I leave that thing?". It can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth to help you keep track of your belongings, and today only Best Buy is taking $30 off the cost of a Tile Mate + Slim Combo 4-pack, bringing its price down to $39.99. That's $5 lower than it's ever reached at Amazon (opens in new tab), and you'll be glad to know that these are last year's enhanced Tile Bluetooth Trackers which feature a greater wireless range; the Mate trackers now include a replaceable battery as well.

With the Tile Mate being so tiny, you might even forget it's there until you need it. Just clip it on your keyring (or wherever else you need it) and you're good to go. It has the capability to be used in different ways, too. If you've lost your keys and a Tile Mate is attached, simply press a button on your phone and the Tile Mate will begin ringing to help you locate it. If you've lost your phone, press the button on the Tile Mate and your phone will begin ringing. The free-to-use app can also show you the last known location of your Tile Mate.

While Tile Mate is perfectly suited for your keys, Tile Slim is a better option if you're looking for something to help keep track of larger items such as your wallet, purse or devices like tablets or laptops. With it only being as thick as two credit cards, it won't be too noticeable slid into a wallet or adhered to the back or bottom of something else.

If you're mainly interested in the Tile Mate tracker, you can also find the 4-pack of Tile Mate Bluetooth Trackers on sale for $39.99 today only.

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