The SanDisk Ultra 128GB micro SD card has dropped to $25

The SanDisk Ultra 128GB micro SD card (opens in new tab) is down to $25.49 on Amazon. This is the best price yet we've seen for a card that has been steadily dropping in price over the last couple of months. It was selling as high as $40 in April and has been dropping slowly since then.

This is a Class 10 SD card with transfer speeds up to 100 MB/s. It will resist shocks, extreme temperatures, water, and X-rays. The card is built for Android-based mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. It also comes with a 10-year limited warranty. Users give it 4.5 stars based on 6,559 reviews (opens in new tab).

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John Levite
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  • In the last 7 years I went through over a dozen of micro SD cards (SanDisk & Samsung) w different capacities on different devices. Mostly cell phones and some dash cameras. All I can say is that the only ones who crapped out were SanDisk. Maybe it's anecdotal, but I won't be buying them again for sure.
  • I agree. Had an Ultra in my Kindle Fore. Tablet got very buggy and turned out to be a bad Sandisk SSD. It wasn't even that old (few months, maybe), and certainly not heavily used; as that device is basically used as an eReader for Kindle eBooks, and not much else.
  • woah, and Thank you. Picking up 2
  • If you are going to use them in a phone, specifically Samsung, I would go Samsung Micro SD. For whatever reason, my Note 8 stopped detecting the card. This has been an issue for a few people. I found the Samsung version for about 45 bucks and I've not had an issue with it and it's been several months.
  • In the last 10 years I've used about 8 SanDisk memory cards. Not a single one malfunctioned. I gave several of them away when selling older phones. Still using my 128 GB card that I bought with my Galaxy Note 4 in December 2014( I've discarded the phone !) and a 32 GB card in my secondary phone. No complaints from me about SanDisk cards.