The $150 Rachio sprinkler controller can improve your lawn and lighten your wallet

If the rest of your home is already smart, why not your lawn, too? The Rachio 2nd gen Smart sprinkler controller is on sale at Woot. You can get the eight-zone controller for $150 or the 16 zone for $180. These prices include Woot's $5 flat-rate shipping fee.

The eight zone sells for $188 on Amazon and rarely goes below $170. The 16 zone goes for $248 and hasn't dropped below $210 since February.

It used to be that Smart devices were doing something new. Letting you add convenience to ordinary tasks in a way you didn't even realize you wanted. But now all the Smart devices do the same thing - change the lights, control your TV with your voice, etc. Rachio is unique because not a lot of Smart systems want to tackle your front lawn.

Rachio adds voice control, a mobile app, and customization options to your yard. It can adapt to the weather and adjust accordingly. It can save you money on your water bill by not wasting water when it isn't needed, and because of that you might actually even be able to get a discount from your water provider just for installing it.

This system has a ton of positive reviews, including 4.5 stars and an Editor's Choice from PC Mag. More than 1,800 users on Amazon give it 4.7 stars.

Both versions come with a two-year warranty from Rachio.

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