Kindle Unlimited is Amazon's eBook lending library that you can gain access to for a low monthly cost, and right now, Amazon is cutting the price of memberships by up to 40%. The best deal is reserved for those who commit to a two-year membership today; you'll save 40% off the cost and snag 24 months of access for $143.80, which is like paying just $6 a month. Realistically, you may not want to be locked into the service for so long, in which case you can save 20% by purchasing a six-month membership or 30% with a year-long membership. That brings their cost down to $47.86 and $80.30 respectively.

Reading Is Magic

Kindle Unlimited Memberships

Having a Kindle Unlimited membership unlocks access to Amazon's digital library of over a million books and audiobooks to read or listen to whenever you'd like.

Starting at $48

The service offers over a million books to choose from and you'll gain the ability to read any of them whenever you want, wherever you want with your membership, from new releases to beloved hits like Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. If you don't own a Kindle to read the books on, you'll be able to access them using the free Kindle app on a wide variety of devices. Access to audiobooks is included with your membership too.

If you're unsure whether Kindle Unlimited is for you, you can try the service for only $1 for two months, though the deal above likely won't last for that long.

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