Grab an unlocked refurbished 32GB Pixel XL for just $415

Daily Steals is currently offering the unlocked 32GB Pixel XL in refurbished condition for just $415 (opens in new tab) with the coupon code THRFTPIXEL. We've recently seen a few deals hit for both refurbished and new Pixels, but the best price previously was $449 from Woot! for the black version, and Amazon has some for around $524 (opens in new tab) right now.

This time around you can pick between silver, black, and even the blue. If you're looking for the smaller Pixel, you can grab the 32GB version in black for $379.99 (opens in new tab), or the 128GB version in black or silver for $409.99 (opens in new tab).

These units may show signs of wear, as they are refurbished, but they are guaranteed to work like new. Daily Steals is backing them with a full 90-day warranty, and you are able to return or exchange the phone within 30 days. At this price, odds are this deal won't stick around for long, so be sure to grab one now, before they are gone!

ZeroLemon currently has its Pixel and Pixel XL battery cases on sale for as little as $31, so be sure to grab one while they are discounted.

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Jared DiPane
Jared started off writing about mobile phones back when BlackBerry ruled the market, and Windows Mobile was kinda cool. Now, with a family, mortgage and other responsibilities he has no choice but to look for the best deals, and he's here to share them with you.
  • Now that's the deal many have been looking for. If one is cool with 32GB of internal space (mostly those who heavily rely on streaming) this is a major GO!
  • This is super tempting... Mainly for the small one. I only paid $70 less for a midrange phone.
  • So if it's "Verizon and GSM unlocked" will it work with Project Fi? Or would I need the Google Edition?
  • It should work with Project Fi, I don't see why it wouldn't.
  • Yes
  • Hum....nope rather grab a s8 for 500 new with 64 gb memory. Water resistant wireless charging Sammy pay way better screen . About the same camera an to top it off way way better Aesthetics
  • Of course, still a high price for a year old refurbished phone.
  • I really don't consider these refurbs, they're not from Google or Verizon who do refurbish devices, And it being a Verizon version of the phone, makes it a no go. After saying all this, it is a fair but not a great price for what is a used phone.
  • What makes the Verizon version a no go? The locked bootloader, maybe? It works on all networks.
  • Partially yes, I honestly don't know what can or can't be removed or disabled from this flavor of the XL.
  • Too expensive, still. It's refurbished, a year old and has less features than other flagship phones from last year. The 64GB LG G6 is sold for around $470-$500 on Amazon so....meh.
  • Ikr it's a no go just got the wife a s8 for 550 brand new she loves it
  • You can get a brand new S8+ if you do 2 4 1 on Tmobile for $800, which makes it $400 each
  • Yes but you'll have to open another line on T-Mobile
  • What does Refurbished actually mean?
    What do they do to the phone?
    Are they replacing batteries? Screens?
    Wiping them with a damp cloth?
  • Wiping with a cloth pretty much
  • The 128 GB option is a steal.