Grab an unlocked 128GB Google Pixel for $610, or the Pixel XL for $650

Newegg Flash is offering major discounts on 128GB Google Pixel devices, with the standard Pixel available for just $609.99 (opens in new tab) while the XL version is available for $649.99 (opens in new tab). This saves you $139 off the regular price of the standard Pixel and $219 off the XL edition. Good luck finding this much phone for that price anywhere else. This deal is only available in the 'quite black' color.

Pixel brings the power of Google to your fingertips, with quick access to helpful tools like Google Assistant and Google Duo. The Pixel not only has a 2,770mAh battery, but it can be charged super fast as well giving you seven hours of usage time after being plugged in for just 15 minutes. Meanwhile, the Pixel XL has a 3,450 mAh battery, allowing it a standby time of up to 552 hours... or 23 days.

Specs of the Pixel are as follows:

  • Operating System: Android 7.1 Nougat
  • Cameras: Rear: 12.3 MP • Front: 8 MP
  • Processors: Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 821 processor
  • Memory & Storage: RAM: 4GB • Storage: 128GB

These phones are factory unlocked and work on all major carrier networks (In the US, all GSM-based networks and two CDMA-based networks: Verizon and Sprint.)

If you'd like to save a bit more money, you can currently purchase a refurbished 32GB Google Pixel for as low as $330.

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  • Seems like the refurbished 32gb Pixel at $330 is the real deal in this story.
  • True. I was tempted but chose not to.
  • The price is way too high for what it is. What it is last year's hardware. For this price is way too much. You are much for the specs
  • Way too expensive. Thanks but no thanks
  • These phones should not be still expensive. Smh
  • This phone is way too overpriced. I'll pass
  • I thought all Pixels was unlock
  • Yeah they are. I think they are just used to saying that.
  • Yes probably trying to avoid a bunch of people asking
  • $450 for the Pixel & $500 for the XL would be better.
  • And any lower amount would be better😉
  • Price is way too high. Good luck to em I guess.
  • These prices are way too high, you need to cut it :)
  • Yeah this is too much money....350-450USD would make more sense
  • For a few more bucks you can purchase an s8. The pixels are still overpriced!