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Add two room sensors to your Ecobee smart thermostat for less than $25 each

Room sensors are what sets Ecobee apart from the competition in the smart thermostat space, and right now you can pick up a pair of extras (opens in new tab) for a great price. This 2-pack of sensors regularly sells for $79 from Ecobee directly, so you're saving $30 with today's offer. We haven't seen a price drop below $70 since Black Friday, so this is a deal worth jumping on while you can.

These room sensors help detect occupancy in a room and the temperature of the room to help keep it comfortable and even across your whole home. Since this is a 2-pack (opens in new tab), that means you'll be able to add these in two additional rooms of your home which may not always feel as warm or cool as the others and help keep them a bit more even. Each sensor comes with a stand and these are compatible with the Ecobee4 (opens in new tab), Ecobee3 (opens in new tab), and the Ecobee3 lite (opens in new tab).

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