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Keep all your tech happy with the steeply-discounted Anker PowerPort II

Any tech fan knows the awkwardness that comes with proprietary ports and between-generation gear. My tablet and laptop both use USB-C, my mouse and keyboard both use USB-A, my phone uses something else entirely.... it can all be very overwhelming. That's why something like the Anker PowerPort II (opens in new tab) is an ideal daily carry accessory. Today, clipping the $3 on-page coupon at Amazon will drop its cost to $21.99, saving you almost $20 off the usual price.

The PowerPort II can be used to charge both USB-C and USB-A devices. There's a PD USB-C port, with up to 30W output for those devices, and a USB-A port for any other gear you may be carrying around. Additionally, Anker includes a high-speed USB-A to USB-C adapter, so you can convert the wall charger's USB-C port if needed. The form factor is small and lightweight, with a foldable plug and a compact footprint. It still packs a powerful punch thanks to the built-in PowerIQ smarts that charge each device as quickly and safely as possible. Aside from excellent customer reviews (opens in new tab), your purchase is also backed by an 18-month warranty.

If you're constantly switching up which cable you're using, why not make things easier by picking up a discounted 3-in-1 cable with your PowerPort II purchase?

Louryn saves money on everything she buys (which is a lot.) In between waiting for Amazon deliveries, she pines for the next Elder Scrolls installment and checks Reddit for gaming rumors. She also loves Hearthstone, makeup, and beer. Find her on Twitter: @lourynstrampe