Tesla's Desktop Supercharger is the desk charger your phone deserves

Tesla recently held an event in New York City to announce its all-new semi truck and updated Roadster 2.0, and if you're still riding the Tesla high after reserving a couple Roadsters for the cool price of $50,000 each, the company now has a couple of mobile accessories so you can show off your Tesla pride wherever you go.

Tesla Desktop Supercharger

The first, and arguably best, accessory is the Desktop Supercharger. This is an exact replica of the Superchargers that Tesla uses to charge up its vehicles, but it's been shrunken down to fit on your desk and charges your phone rather than your car. The same 3D CAD data that's used to manufacture that real Superchargers was used to create this model, and even if you don't own a Tesla like me, you've got to appreciate the sleek design of the thing.

Tesla Powerbank

In addition to the Desktop Supercharger, you can also buy Tesla's Powerbank. This is a portable charger with a 3350 mAh capacity, outputs at 5V/1.5A for fast top-up times, and has integrated lightning and microUSB cables. The Powerbank's design is based off Tesla's Supercharger monument found at the Tesla Design Studio, and while the price is pretty high considering the mAh count and lack of USB-C, it also looks wickedly good.

Both the Desktop Supercharger and Powerbank cost $45, and if you're interested, you can buy them from Tesla's website right now.

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Joe Maring

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  • Not even fast charge though
  • Looks just like expensive souvenirs...
  • Ok, a desktop charger that looks like the modern equivalent of a petrol pump and an overpriced power bank that isn't compatible with any current android flagship phone... Why are these special again?
  • Is this an advertisement? I don't see USB-C so I don't see anything special here.
  • It doesn't have the "affiliate links" disclaimer that they use for ad posts, so... maybe Joe just wanted to let everyone know that he has a Tesla?
  • Oh he's bragging lol
  • I wish 😞 Just think it looks cool is all
  • Maybe they're just so you can tell people you own a Tesla.....charger. 🤔
  • It's an expensive merchandise item, I really don't see how it's awesome for anybody but a tesla fan.
  • Maybe it plugs itself into the phone 😃
  • Micro-USB... why didn't they throw in Mini-USB while they were at it? For such a "forward thinking" company, you'd think they'd realize that USB-C would have been a better choice.
  • Color me meh.
  • If modern dad posted this, I'd just shrug and ignore. But, AC just jumped the shark with this one. I'm out.
  • Not even 2.1A or QuickCharge 3.0? Garbage token chargers...
  • G I M M I C K !
  • 3350mah... I expect more from you Tesla. Not this gimmicky crap
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  • Tesla might be successful after all.
  • The desk charger your phone deserves, but not the one it needs ;) I'll pass on both of these, but I'd sure love that roadster!
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