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TELUS and Koodo Mobile Samsung Nexus S now available

If you live in Canada and have managed to hold off importing a Samsung Nexus S from the U.S. then your patience has paid off. TELUS has now posted the device up on their site for ordering and as was rumored, pricing is as follows:

  • No contract - $549.99
  • 1 year contract - $499.99
  • 2 year contract - $449.99
  • 3 year contract - $179.99

The no contract price is a little higher then what was given at launch for the U.S version but -- I guess that's the cost Canadians pay for also having AT&T compatible 3G on their versions. Now, question is who in the U.S is going to be importing one from Canada to use on AT&T? In other TELUS related news, Best Buy also has TELUS owned Koodo Mobiles version showing on their site as well. [Best Buy, Koodo, TELUS]

  • $425 over at Koodo, not sure if that's confirmed yet.
  • In the next few days, you will be able to get it from Fido or Rogers for 499$. Some Best buy are even selling them right now. In any case, you need to factor in taxes and curency convertion. If you buy a 499$ Nexus S in Ontario, You pay 13% taxes -> 564$CA
    Today, 564$CA is about 588$US. If you can get it for 425$CA from Koodo, you still need to setup an account and cancel before 15 days. It's a serious pain to cancel from koodo, it will take hours and you will get disconnected, call again, etc... So Koodo is not an convenient way go get a Nexus S, even for Canadians.
  • Sure as hell wish this was coming to Verizon. Someone please tell why if its going to be a Sprint phone and we all know Sprint is a CDMA network also, how come out it can't be unlocked to run on verizon?