New Lenovo Tab P12 leaks with paper-like matte display and pen support

The leaked renders of the Lenovo Tab P12 with a matte display.
(Image credit: Windows Report)

What you need to know

  • A new tablet from Lenovo has leaked with a 3K paper-like display, the specs of an Android tablet, and pen support.
  • It's called the Lenovo Tab P12 with Matte Display and has many of the same features that are on the standard Lenovo Tab P12. 
  • It seems like Lenovo has content creation and consumption in mind for the Lenovo Tab P12 with Matte Display, and this tablet is said to have impressive speakers.

Should you buy an e-reader or an Android tablet? Lenovo hopes to simplify this predicament with a unique hybrid device that combines the power and utility of an Android tablet with the paper-like display of an e-reader. It's called the Lenovo Tab P12 with Matte Display, and Windows Report claims to have exclusive leaks of the device. 

Although the Lenovo Tab P12 with Matte Display is rumored to be identical to the standard Lenovo Tab P12 in many ways, it has one key difference. As the name suggests, that differentiator is the matte display. It's a 12.7-inch display panel with a 3K resolution and a matte, paper-like finish. Those are all good things, but the Lenovo Tab P12 with Matte Display is supposedly keeping a 60Hz refresh rate, unfortunately. 

The tablet is said to feature a thickness of 6.9mm and a weight that's a little over a pound. When the rear 8MP camera is factored in, that thickness bumps up to 8.42mm.

As for the general specs, the Lenovo Tab P12 with Matte Display is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 7050 system-on-a-chip, which has eight cores. It has 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage but supports expandable storage via the SD card slot. You can throw in a card with up to 1TB of storage inside the Lenovo Tab P12 with Matte Display, so that should address any storage concerns. 

There definitely appear to be some pain points with the Lenovo Tab P12 with Matte Display already. It's set to ship with Android 13, according to the spec sheet leaked by Windows Report. Though Android 14 and Android 15 updates are promised, and so are four years of security updates, it's disappointing. Additionally, the spec sheet says that the promised four years of security updates "until 2027," which seems contradictory. 

The USB-C port used for data and charging only supports USB 2.0 speeds, and that's a slight bummer as well. As for the battery, it has a 10,200 mAh capacity and is said to last up to nine hours. 

Lenovo seems to be positioning this tablet as a content creation and consumption device. The Lenovo Tab P12 with Matte Display, aside from the notable paper-like display, will have pen support and Dolby Atmos speakers firing from all four corners.

Right now, this is all unconfirmed, and there are no concrete pricing and availability details for the Lenovo Tab P12 with Matte Display right now.

Brady Snyder

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