T-Mobile's new 'Monthly4G' plans offer high-speed data without a contract

T-Mobile today announced its new “Monthly4G” plans, a new no-contract option for its 4G customers. There are two plans to choose from, both with unlimited voice, text, and web. The first, priced at $50/month, offers 100 MB at 4G speeds, the second offers 5 GB at $70/month. The plans are throttled, which means that once you hit your limit, you won't be paying more, but instead you'll find your speeds slowed for the remainder of the month. Interesting note: that 5 GB plan is $10 cheaper than T-Mobile's current two-year contracted unlimited plan, AND it offers 3 more GBs per month. Great to see that T-Mobile won't be nickel and diming people for every additional GB you use, though since most of us eat 5 GBs for breakfast, it'd be nice to see some higher caps.

T-Mobile also announced new unlimited family plans, ranging from $120/month for 200GB at full speed to $220/month for 10 GBs at full speed. Hit the source link for the full press releases.

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Anndrew Vacca
  • Throttling huh? That fits really well with AT&T. I'm REALLY glad I did not go with T-Mobile when I had the chance to. :-)
  • 4G speed then 100 MB?? What a joke.
  • 5 gigs for breakfast? I really don't understand this - I play with my phone on and off all day every day, I sync 4 email accounts 3 calendars (2 of them are corporate) and I rarely hit 800 megs on a high month. Are you guys downloading movies over 4g with bit-torrent or something? Maybe its why the carriers are getting all pissy, but then again - heaven forbid they actually charge us decent rates for what we use.
  • You can browse the web, view e-mails, and look at your calendar for 24 hours a day, everyday of the month, and not break 1GB. But do you watch YouTube in HQ? A few mere hours of YouTube viewing in HQ will easily east up 300-500MB. Do you have HBO GO? That will eat up data similar to YouTube HQ. One episode of Game of thrones probably runs close to 200-300MB. Do you video chat? That can eat up data also. How about Netflix? I reside in a HSPA+ area, and my Nexus One pulls down consistent speeds of 3-4mbps. So YouTube and HBO load almost instantly. The carriers keep taunting their "4G" networks, but what's the point if they cap your usage when you actually put them to use? What your doing with your phone is basically what 3G was designed for years ago. 4G speeds are designed to provide video and more medial to phones. That's what I use mine for but T-Mobile (and the other carriers) don't seem willing to fulfill their end of that bargain.
  • Who comes up with these tiers? Marketing? Start out at 100mb and then jump way up to 5gb? Seems like there is some room for additional tiers in between those 2 numbers.
  • 100mb to 5gb? That's a huge gap. Seriously 100mb????
  • 100 MB is barely a data fart.
  • ok well guess this settles it. As soon as my plan ends in November, I'm getting this 5gb plan. I rather like my Vibrant and when 2.3 rolls out, i'll be content with the ROMS that'll be built. Plus with the money i'll save from a new phone, i can just do the FFC mod and call it a day.
  • People WTH, this is more than a fair deal. Compared to the other options this is a f***ing great deal. I don't have tmobile only because i'm unsure of its service in my area (nc 28160 if anybody out there knows first hand) but i really wish i did. I know we should all bash them for wanting to sell to att and if they are able to actually do it then fine bash the hell out of them. The only way that deal is going through is if the fcc makes a public statement with a direct quote, I just want to let everyone know that I suck, and that I'm a little girl, and I like ribbons in my hair, and I want to kiss all the boys. It just amazes me that as att and verizon are both dropping or have already dropped any unlimited plans that were never really unlimited to begin with, that ppl would have a issue with this tmo deal.
  • You have to understand that there are people out there that use massive amounts of data for completely legit purposes. Their only internet is their phone. They listen to pandora/rdio all day at work, watch movies and such on train a couple hours a day on the way to/from work or while sitting on the tarmac in a plane. Pay for a tethering plan so they can have internet on their laptop. So for all the carriers to be getting faster networks as well as capping their downloads is counter intuitive. People would much rather see their bill increase $10 per month as sprint has done so that the carrier can improve the network than to have data caps.
  • Yes it would be great to have unlimited service. So how many carriers offer that ? Think sprint still does, i think.
  • The $70 pre-paid plan w/5GB is good(especially for no-contract) but the $50 plan should come with 2GB.Now if that was a BB then,yes,200MB would be fine but Androids are data-hungry devices.
  • With Sprint's Simply Everything plan, I get unlimited everything for $99, plus $10 for 4G. And that means everything is unlimited.
  • OK. So you pay $110 vs $70 for T-Mobile. Is having no throttling at 5GB worth $40 a month? Not to me.
  • now im starting to reconsider staying with tmobile.... i was gonna upgrade my phone when the sensation comes in june but these deals really seem to suck. i have the original Mytouch and i use between like 500mb to 1.2gb a month. i do alot of youtube-ing, well not alot but i guess enough. i also use pandora radio all the time and occasionally i tether to my laptop.... Idk Sprint is starting to look nice right about now....
  • Um. If you use only 1.2GB a month then this T-Mobile deal is awesome. It's $40 cheaper than Sprint's price for unlimited and you are free to leave at any time. I'm not sure what your objection is.
  • I'd rather have throttling than overages. Goodbye Evo (4G), so long Evo (3D). Hello, T-mobile. I only use a couple hundred MB a month, and $50 is a hell of a lot less money than the $90 Sprint is getting from me.
  • I have EVo 4G and Epic 4G on my account and am paying 129.99 a month unlimited data, msg, txt and mobile to mobile on any carriers.. So good luck to you and your t-mobile deal.
  • "T-Mobile also announced new unlimited family plans, ranging from $120/month for 200GB at full speed to $220/month for 10 GBs at full speed." ... i think i'd go for the $120 plan ... seems like the better deal ... 8oD
  • yeah, I agree. Somehow I think that is a typo.
  • How about streaming Netflix, streaming sirius all day, youtube, Pandora.... Im usually around 4-5gb. Every month. My cycle started on the 16th and im at 1.8gb right now.
  • well, I'm glad I got my plan a year ago when they were offering even more plus plans. 500 min, 5gb data with throttling after, and unlimited text. 60/month
  • There's a 2GB plan now for $60.