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T-Mobile starts selling the Nexus 6, both 32GB and 64GB variants on offer for $0 down

Nexus 6 back
Nexus 6 back (Image credit: Phil Nickinson/Android Central)

Following a delayed launch, the Nexus 6 is finally available from T-Mobile in the US. You'll be able to order the handset online from the T-Mobile store, or from your nearest retail outlet. Both the 32GB and 64GB models are listed for $649.92 and $699.84 respectively. If you'd rather go for a contract, prepare to be locked in to pay either $27.08 or $29.16 a month (no upfront fees), depending on which variant you end up selecting.

Sprint commenced sales last week. Android Lollipop 5.0 is loaded on the Nexus 6 when it ships, but we're sure T-Mobile customers are just happy they're able to get their paws on the new device. Both variants stocked by T-Mobile are painted Midnight Blue.

To refresh our memory, the Nexus 6 packs advanced components but we'll highlight the 6-inch QuadHD display, quad-core 2.7GHz Snapdragon 805 CPU and a 13MP shooter. Hit the link below to place an order, or (as noted above) head to your local T-Mobile store.

Buy the Nexus 6 at T-Mobile{.nofollow}

Thanks, Brandon, for the tip!

  • I like the nexus 6 and all, but I'm not paying over $500 for a plastic phone. I'll stick with my nexus 5.
  • Great so that means you're not buying it. So ironic you call yourself bigballer... Posted via the Android Central App
  • student loans bro
  • So balling on a budget. Gotcha Posted via the Android Central App
  • You win sir lol Posted via the Android Central App
  • +1 Nexus 4
  • I would have said yes to the Nexus 4 years ago, but today its too slow and the screen is sub par compared to the new high res screens.
  • Oh please don't put the nexus 4 down it's still as smooth as butter and the screen for its size the screen resolution is more than acceptable! Its power is still not so ancient. Which phone out there coming out today at 145$ has the same specs and built quality? Huh? Posted via Android Central App with LG Google Nexus 4
  • So you won't buy N6 because you can't. lol
  • Look around your house. I'm sure there are plenty of plastic things that were bought for over $500.
  • After I found out Porsche 911 Turbos come with plastic bumper covers, I decided to not buy it. I mean, c'mon, on a $150K car? Puh-lease! <<--sarcasm.
  • What phones arent plastic these days? The HTC is full metal, but its a total mess to try and fix it if you bend it or whatever... cant repair it, have to buy a whole new one... and HTC is a company that doesnt have what it takes anymore.
  • I love how this is about the Nexus 6, and you went off on a tagent about HTC -__-
  • stick with your plastic nexus 5, great job
  • It has aluminum also....just wanna point that out.
  • Why aren't they selling the white version? Kind of a bummer.
  • Just get a white case.. problem solved
  • I'd rather not make a big ass phone even bigger.
  • I agree I hate blue ~My $0.02~
  • My Moto X is white and I'll never get another white phone again. It looks terrible over time Posted via Android Central App
  • They really should have done their best to have these phones in people's hands before lollipop was rolling out. Now that I have lollipop on my n5, I have zero desire to get the n6. If the n6 was in my hands at the end of October/early November, I would have impulse bought it.
  • I think having had experienced Lollipop on my Nexus 10 has caused me to want the Nexus 6 even more. I've seen how smooth it is on my <outdated> Nexus 10 (it's still a beautiful tablet) and can only imagine how wonderful it'll be on a newer device. Then again, I'm not upgrading from Nexus 5 to 6. Getting rid of bloatware-ridden-TouchWiz on Galaxy Note 3 and replacing it with the Nexus 6 (so, an actual upgrade). N5 to N6 isn't much of an upgrade, definitely not a different experience at all.
  • This phone looks awesome and I would have tried it, but it was not available when people needed it. Plus, they removed the notification which to me is what makes android awesome and I tried the T-Mobile variant of the Note 4 and I love it. Maybe just maybe Google will release an updated nexus 5 like some rumors have speculated. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I really think that rumor of a new n5 has been forums driven. I have not seen an actual "rumor" from any tech sites.
  • Already ordered mine. Pretty sure they aren't actually in all stores as mine said they didn't have stock yesterday and I read an article saying stores had already received them. Either way I wanted the blue one anyways, got the 32 gb version since the 64 gave me a warning it wouldn't ship right away. I don't want to wait anymore!! Lol Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yeah, the two stores within 5 minutes of me both said they werent going to have stock. The first one said they were going to get 2-3 in but wound up not getting any. I was just able to JUMP on the T-Mobile site 30 minutes ago,...finally....after a couple hours of trying, and I'm just glad I was able to get it sorted so I can go back to sleep. 64GB Nexus 6 HERE I COME!!! It went live at like midnight Eastern, so I wound up being WAAAY late, but from what I've read on reddit people werent able to JUMP initially anyways, not sure why, but that seemed to be peoples experience in the first few hours of the launch. Not to mention all the other issues people, including me, were having with ordering int he first place.
  • Doesn't this article say it's available online only?
  • The 64GB is an online only item, yes. There were plenty of stores with 32GB stock for today's release though. Unfortunately, where I live and many other places, there were just as many without any stock of the 32GB.
  • T-mobile has no contracts Posted via the Android Central App
  • Financing a phone with zero down and 24 months of payment is a contract. Posted via the Android Central App
  • With a two year contract you cannot buy a new phone when you want, your bill is subsidized and eventually cost more, and you I have to be in a contract with an ETF if you cancel out. Financing is essentially not the contract per se. You can buy out anytime you want. Cancel when you want. Shit when you want. Yes you have to pay the phone off, which is what you had done if you bought the phone outright in the first place. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Its still a contract.
  • have to pay the phone off...just like you have to pay an ETF if you cancel a traditional contract. I agree. It's just semantics. It's still a contract. You're committing to pay a certain amount over a determined period of time, and if you leave, you have to pay a fee. With a traditional contract you can leave at any time too. And you pay a fee, too.
  • But you're not paying a fee. You're buying your phone. As if you bought it outright. I understand what yall are saying and dont disagree, but this not the two year bounded contracts we all know and hate. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yes, but the point is they are just calling it something different. When you are in a traditional contract when you pay that ETF, you are essentially "buying your phone" too. It's the same thing.
  • Fair enough Posted via the Android Central App
  • It's a contract for the term of the amount you choose to make your payments over. Whether is would be 1 month or 24 months.
  • This is pretty simple guys: Did you sign a paper that says you agree to do something? Then it's a contract.
  • Also, you can use a phone from anywhere and still not be bound by a 2-year contract. If I bought a phone from craigslist and wanted Verizon, I'd be stuck with them for 2 years unless I paid the ETF. Although, many companies are now offering non-bound services, but they don't offer what T-Mobile does.
  • Thank you.
  • You sign a contract agreeing to the terms of the loan as it is truly a loan. If we called it Mortgage contract, car contract, student contract, payday contract then I would agree with the name convention of a "contract" but we don't. Phone financing is a phone loan. Calling it a contract does not fit within the context of what we name similar financing. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Stole my reply (that I would have posted). 0% finance charge on a loan is pretty sweet. Much better than using my Visa and paying fees if it took 2 years to pay it off. I paid some down, like you would do with a subsidy, so my monthly is lower. The cost is about what a subsidized plan would cost. However, I kept my last phone 3 years. If I do the same, I'll be saving $20/month after 2 years. And don''t go saying I'll be stuck with some cruddy 2-3 year old phone. Sure my 3 year old Galaxy nexus was long in the tooth, but I could easily have kept using it another year if I had, or wanted, to. Just a little slow but still did everything I needed. I fell "in love" with the phone after 10 minutes. I like the feature of being large so it doesn't rotate sideways in my pocket. :)
  • As much as I hate to say it, they might have missed a sale for me on this. Took too long to release, then a further delay in shipment. And after many of the reviews and comparisons I have read, the hardware is not nearly as good as the Note 4 (plus I got my $200 rebate). This device seems overpriced and overhyped at this point, and it bothers me because this will be the first nexus I don't buy in a long time. This should have been a $499 phone unlocked. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I agree. It is about $100 or so overpriced. Those on contract prices that ATT and especially Sprint are selling it at are pretty ridiculous.
  • No way this is a $499 phone. Sorry, but you are mistaken.
  • Really?? Why not? All plastic build materials, no notification led, average speaker quality, screen is QHD but from what I read and hear is not nearly as good as the Note 4. Let me also clarify that I think most other phones are at least $100 overpriced as well. Posted via the Android Central App
  • So what qualifies the Note 4 to be $800. It only has a metal frame. The back is still cheap quality. Has QHD etc etc etc... Posted via the Android Central App
  • Learn to read. I also said other phones are overpriced by at least $100 Posted via the Android Central App
  • I did read, I'm asking you a question. Who are you to question the price tag of a phone? Posted via the Android Central App
  • The software is designed for a phablet. There are many apps and features, including the s-pen, that justify the size and cost. The Nexus 6 is using stock google which isn't optimized for large screens at all.
  • So the software is justified? And for the record I have the Note 4. I think the Nexus 6 is fair. I think the Note 4 is sub fair. I just want to know why people think premium should always be cheap. We all want everything cheaper. Life would be bliss. But it isn't. Prices are set. You either buy it or you don't. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I guess that 640 DPI Phone Mode, which is used by the Note 4 is to be renamed "Tablet Mode" from now on. Time for some 800 DPI tablets from now on?
    Could you please list those apps that you consider good example of proper big screen use? I have tried to find them in both the Note 3 and 4 but to no avail. One example is the web browser where the tab management is... clumsy because of the phone mode. We can then continue on to things like Settings (one-pane view), Google Play (phone mode), Gmail (phone mode), People (phone mode) and so on.
    So I would be very interested if you could list this "software is designed for a tablet" since I just can't find this on the Note 3 or 4.
    To me, phone mode is out of the question and I run my devices in tablet mode and so I know what to expect and Samsung is running Note 4 in phone mode, with 640 DPI (Note 3 is phone mode with 480 DPI).
    Multi window and those kind of features are available for other devices as well. I have multiwindow, floating apps and more on my Xperia Z Ultra for example together with tablet mode and dual-pane Settings and tabbed browser. Some pics from my device:
  • LOL. Plastic is actually a FEATURE not a weakness. Plastic feels better, is easier to hold and handle, is more durable, is less prone to scratches and dents, and is less likely to bend and stay bent. Additionally, the Nexus 6 build materials are actually NOT all plastic. Notification led is ONE feature that was REPLACED with another feature: Ambient Display, which most other phones on the market are NOT YET EQUIPPED to have. Your comments on the screen are irrelevant since you have not seen it and used it, as are your comments on the speaker, however, all reports that I have seen say the speaker is far more than "average." Motorola NEVER makes speakers that are "average," so why would this one be? Motorola is known for having well above average and very good speakers, and the general consensus amongst all the reports that I'VE seen all say the Nexus 6 speakers are not QUITE as good as HTC's Boom Sound, but they are a close second, placing the Nexus 6 speakers far better than ANY OTHER rear, side or bottom mounted speakers on any other phone. That doesn't sound like "average" to me.
  • Great post Posted via the Android Central App
  • I has aluminum and the speaker quality is almost as good as htc, it has dual front facing speakers. And it is only just a bit not as good as the note 4 screen, but doesnt come with touch wiz.
  • +1 via AC App on VZW Moto X DE/N7
  • I ordered mine at 3:30am ET and it's showing backordered... I asked for expedited shipping, and the site said I'd get it tomorrow... so here's hoping the default status of the tracker is "backordered"
  • I think carriers can stop advertising that they are selling phones for $0 down. We know.
  • Nexus 4 for life! Or until i find a refurbished Nexus 5. Off contract AT&T customer, not paying full price for any phone over 350 (new) out of principle. Of course I can afford it, but being an adult with bills and life expenses it's hard to justify a 600+ phone that doesn't do much more than your current phone. Logic Apply this mindset to all areas of life and you may have enough socked away to retire one day Nexus 4
  • Then why have a smartphone at all? Do you have cable TV? Car? Do you pack your lunch every day? Shower with cold water?
  • Question: From all the sources I've been seeing, it looks like this phone comes in one US variant. Therefore, I can go to T-Mobile and buy the thing unlocked and throw a Verizon SIM into it and I'm ready to go?
  • According to TMobile rep it is locked for TMobile and only they will unlock it after 40 days
  • NO! Verizon and sprint need to pre-load IMEIs for devices in their systems in order to activate them. They are only letting the phones that they have sold and the ones from the Google Play store be activated on their network. I read an article that stated that they couldn't confirm if the ones sold from Motorola would work. I'll see if I can find that article.
  • Here ya go...
  • would this really be a game changer if i upgrade to this from my nexus 5?
    I've never hesitated on nexus devices, but this time i'm having second thoughts
  • Buyer BEWARE: TMobile told me today, that the phone will come branded by TMobile. I was about to buy one until I heard that.
  • Saw a video on YouTube of a unboxing by I want to say android authority and it was a T-Mobile variant and I did not see branding Posted via the Android Central App
  • Funny, I don't seem to see a T Mobile logo anywhere.. :D
  • Also beware that most store reps have no idea what they are talking about :) The only remotely close thing to branding I have heard is that the phone will download t-mobile apps once activate, but they can be removed.
  • Correct. In my experience, store reps are usually pretty knowledgeable about plans and finances, but clueless about devices and software. Sent from my Nexus 5, behind six proxies
  • YES! I remember a tmobile store rep telling me that i cannot remove bloat even after root access.
    What a fool!!
  • Confirmed NO branding, and these ARE available in certain stores. Refer to last weeks list of stores that would carry them then. They do, however, only carry the 32gb Blue variant.
  • I also picked one up yesterday. No branding, no T-Mobile apps. Some reason there is am old "Android" email app on there, and if you start it, it just says it was replaced by gmail. Quick jump into app settings, was able to disable it. GONE. I opened every phone app, grabbed my 6 months free Google Music, free HD movie (Gravity - Looks and sounds great over the phone speakers), free book from the book store. Very impressed. And not ONCE did a single T-Mobile app show its face. This is exactly why I wanted a Nexus. (I bought a cheap LG to lie around the house as a home/kids phone, and it has all the T-Mobile and LG apps (bloat) and you can't disable most of them, so there they will stay, always sitting in the app drawer (Oh, edit: at least they can stay hidden in the drawer, which is better than having to leave them on any given screen, or hidden in a folder (ala iOS (and this isn't a bash against apple, just my preference to keep my screen uncluttered and exactly as I like it))), never to be used. A shame, really.
  • You are correct.
  • Bought it 10:30 pacific time and it was available. Now i check my status and it says backorder Posted via Android Central App
  • No thanks. My note 4 is plenty big. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Got to play with a floor model of one yesterday at a local TMo store. It is enormous. Just too big for me. And I say this thinking the Note 4 is actually not overly large. Hoping for a 5-5.5 inch Nexus upgrade, but we'll see.
  • I also held one at my local store and share the experience. While the note 4 is large, it still feels easy to wield. The n6 feels too big for me.
  • Ordered mine. Can't wait. I'll gladly pay the 649 for a premium flagship. I don't get the griping about the price tag. Premium specs. Premium price tag. Deal with it. The Nexus 6 is playing in Note 4 iPhone 6 plus territory. The price reflects that. If its such a hindrance then stick with the Nexus 5. I'll keep mine as a backup to the beast I just ordered. Posted via Nexus 5 on T-Mobile
  • I ordered the 64gb at midnight PST. Paid for overnight shipping and was given an ETA of 11/20, Great! Went to bed, woke up this morning, Eta is now "backordered" , not cool! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Same here. Posted via Android Central App
  • Has anyone used a Samsung Mega or whatever it was called? Is this phone as big as that? The Note 4 feels ok to me but the Mega is too big. I am hoping the Nexus 6 is in the Note 4 territory... I know i can red the specs but specs are different than how it feels. Like the Note 4 feels noticeably narrower than the Note 2 even though the specs are pretty similar.
  • And I loathe carrier branding but seriously how would that deter you from buying the phone you want? That's just stupid. Posted via Nexus 5 on T-Mobile
  • I'll just wait till they land in mint condition on swappa and buy for $500 or less.
  • No contract.... Just paying off the phone Posted via the Android Central App
  • Sorry to tell you this guys. They didn't get any stock of the 64gb. They are showing it available but it was backordered from minute 1, so it is really just a preorder. They tell me it could be available to ship as soon as the 25th. They apparently have no method of keep track of stock because my email STILL shows it as arriving on the 20th, but on the advise of others I called and got the same answer. Not in stock. If you are going to delay a launch, you sure as hell better have some stock when you finally start taking orders. #botchedlaunch
  • I called T-Mobie and asked them what's up on this status change. They said the 64gb models are not on back order and should ship as expected. We'll see, but that's what they said...
  • Anyone know if I buy one from Tmo and put a Verizon SIM in it if it'll work?
  • Sounds like if you already have an active Verizon nano-sim (or cut down a micro) you should be good to go.
  • my 64 said backordered when I placed the order at around 8 AM EST. However my status does not say backordered, it says "Being Processed". Hopefully it ships in the next day or 2, but my hopes are not high
  • I wish the Nexus 6 was a tad bit smaller maybe a 5.5" but ok. It's still a great phone/tablet.
  • I'm torn between the 32gb or 64gb version. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Depends on how much porn space you need. Posted via Android Central App
  • I sure wanted a nexus 6 but I think I'm going to give it up. I think they only make 2-3 phones a day and I'm tired of waiting for stock. Maybe I'll look at it again 4 months from now when they ramp up production to 10 units a day. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I was looking at buying a Nexus 6.... until Lollipop dropped on my 8GB Nexus 4, and works great! I see $130 8GB Nexus 4's reconditioned on Expansys if my phone breaks or gets damaged... Otherwise I will stick with my Nexus 4 till next year when another Nexus phone comes with the latest hardware and software.
  • Just to let you know...register an account on myUPS website and you will get a tracking number for the order faster than how t mobile does it. I ordered mine today at 12:37 a.m. and at the t mobile site it just says pending. UPS already has a tracking number and a delivery 64GB model arrives Monday morning. I hate white phones, but having only blue to choose is weird.
  • How did you get the tracking number from UPS before T-Mobile?
  • Va? I just sent to my planner on the my ups site..Now I received 8 emails and a text telling me that it shipped...
  • I ordered yesterday at about 5:20 AM Pacific time, as a new TMO customer. Just got my tracking # today.
    I selected Overnight shipping, so I am hoping to have it for the weekend!!!! Quite happy at the moment.
  • I ordered earlier than you and not shipped yet! Posted via Android Central App
  • It would be a shitty thing to do, but are you a new customer or an existing one and did you select overnight shipping? I wonder if it helped that I was a new customer porting over a line from Big Red. Posted via Android Central App
  • Im a existing customer. Posted via Android Central App
  • Visit to buy the Nexus 6 at a discounted price.