T-Mobile myTouch 3G Event on July 8th

T-Mobile just announced a myTouch 3G media event scheduled for July 8th in New York City. The date is notable because that's when T-Mobile will start taking pre-orders for the myTouch 3G. So when July 8th rolls around, don't be surprised when a ton of hands-on pictures pop up!

We don't know if it's just us but this whole T-Mobile myTouch 3G launch feels a little off. We've known about the HTC Magic for so long and have expected it to release in the US so much earlier that the myTouch 3G feels delayed without ever really been 'delayed'. Combine the fact that the HTC Hero completely stole the show for all future Android phones, we're not sure if we're even excited for the myTouch 3G anymore. But that could just be us, what do you guys think?

Who's getting a myTouch 3G and who's waiting for an HTC Hero?

[via slashgear]

Casey Chan