T-Mobile myTouch 3G Event on July 8th

T-Mobile just announced a myTouch 3G media event scheduled for July 8th in New York City. The date is notable because that's when T-Mobile will start taking pre-orders for the myTouch 3G. So when July 8th rolls around, don't be surprised when a ton of hands-on pictures pop up!

We don't know if it's just us but this whole T-Mobile myTouch 3G launch feels a little off. We've known about the HTC Magic for so long and have expected it to release in the US so much earlier that the myTouch 3G feels delayed without ever really been 'delayed'. Combine the fact that the HTC Hero completely stole the show for all future Android phones, we're not sure if we're even excited for the myTouch 3G anymore. But that could just be us, what do you guys think?

Who's getting a myTouch 3G and who's waiting for an HTC Hero?

[via slashgear]

  • No sooner as you finally decide which *anything* you want - especially technology, a newer or prettier model comes around - its the nature of the beast. Here in the US - I have just been blown away with T-Mobile and have nothing but great things to say about their customer service and coverage here in the Orlando market. I have (ashamedly) been a Iphone fancier, but the thought of leaving T-Mobile upsets me! - This phone being T-Mobile's latest offering and featuring Android has me sold!
  • I've had the original iPhone for almost two years now... I am very excited to get out from under Apple's control and into Google's freedom. HTC seems like the best bet to do that, but I'll wait until the hero is released before giving up on my iPhone.
  • I'm in the same boat, though I originally was planning on upgrading to the 3GS, I've decided I'm tired of at&t's pricing and apple's overbearing control. And besides the Hero is just too awesome.
  • I have to agree with Supaguard as far as waiting for the Hero. The Magic seemed great, but the UI of the hero has me watering at the mouth. Good thing I have a ways to wait until I can get a new plan, but I am definitely switching to T-Mo or ATT from VZW pending a handset with the Sense UI available on either. That is what I'm after, the UI, not necessarily the hardware.
  • Correction - I agree with Jason F. Missread
  • The Hero will be available for at&t and Roger. Not for t-mo. plus the hero just generally looks ugly with that little lip on the bottom. not to mention, whats the difference between the 2 phones besides the UI? which im sure there will be a way of getting for the mytouch eventually, there always is.
  • I'm actually more interested in the Samsung I7500 myself. I just think it looks a lot more classy than both HTC devices. I will see though, I just might not be able to wait. :)
  • My T-Mobile contract is about to expire and I've been looking forward to upgrading to an Android handset. Now that the opportunity is here though, I think I might wait a little longer and get the Hero. I don't understand how the US phone market operates - the HTC Magic has been available in Europe for months now and we're still waiting for T-Mobile USA to make their "official announcement". Can it really take that long to rebrand a phone?
    If I decide to hang on for the HTC Hero I'll probably be waiting another year and then another, better Android handset will probably be looming on the horizon. It's frustrating as hell!
  • Something's wrong with the way U.S. cell phone carriers work. The delayed and often nonexistent phones that's available world wide. All in the name of 'customizing' it for the market. I'd rather have cool standardrized hardware/software like what the android was designed for, and then release updates as things go. T-mobile was late with the cupcake fix, and now the HTC magic. Makes me wonder if they're really adding anything of value to the G1 that's available overseas...
  • I was all set to get the myTouch. I might still, depending where the Hero ends up. I agree with the general analysis that AT&T won't be getting it - too much competition in one house for the IPhone to like it. If the rumors are true and it does go to Sprint, it looks like I will be faced with the difficult decision of going to a crappy network for a great phone, or staying with a great network for a older generation phone.
  • T-mobile has disappointed me! I have been their customer since the first day, literally. This phone is too little too late now that the Hero has been introduced. I'll need some time to decide whether or not to get this one, or wait and see if TMO gets the Hero!
  • my tmo contract expires this week. i know i dont want iphone with it controlling "user experience". t-mo & android is good for me. with hero on the horizon i think i'll do month 2 month until then. however carrier is unknown. just hope its not att or sprint. my current phone is 1st gen HTC touch. i got it from overseas before it made its way to usa. however i was able to get a tmo subsidy with 2-yr contract. it was not fully tested for us, but everything works. only problem is my voicemail does not have datetime stamp. i can take that. i may do that with hero. cant understand why us is so slow getting the latest phones, and outrageous fees structure.
  • I'm getting the mytouch next week hopefully
    when the hero drops if t mobile is the carrier i will pick it up also
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