T-Mobile Makes Changes To Data and Messaging Plans

Per BGR, it looks like T-Mobile is going to make some changes to data and messaging plans that might not fly well with their customers. Starting sometime in June, data plans will now be required for all smartphone-type devices (excludes Blackberry Pearl, Pearl Flip & Samsung Behold, Memoir). Pretty big deal if you don't have a need for a data plan or if you're always surrounded by Wi-Fi hotspots you never use data. Secondly, the unlimited family messaging plan is going up from $19.95 to $24.99.

These changes are definitely harder to swallow than those before, are they deal breakers for any of you guys?

  • Is this US customers only?
    Surely you realise that the internet is available to people outside the US, as is T-Mobile and would take that into account when writing articles.
  • Well I would like to have such good prices where I live.
    I pay $61,14 for unlimited data , cap at 300MB to 64KBit/sec, no SMS/MMS included, but a unlimited calls to landline at last.
  • As a G1 user, the data requirement doesn't affect us because we need it anyway. Unlimited family texts going up $5.... eh, maybe an issue -- until you compare to AT&T rates. Aside from the G1, one of the other reasons I left AT&T is because I was paying $35 - $30 for data, $5 for 200 texts. For $25 I get unlimited data and 400 texts. No brainer. So No, I don't think it's that big of a deal when you compare the options.
  • I dropped the data plan 2 months ago, and I have not missed having it. If they reguire me to have data, then I'll have to get rid of my G1 because I jusat can't justify the added expense. I love my G1 bu there's no way that I can afford to double my monthly charges.
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