T-Mobile hits mid-year LTE expansion goal

T-Mobile announced that it has achieved its mid-year coverage goal of expending its LTE footprint. Now the Un-carrier network announced that as of the end of June, it now has 230 million points-of-presence for its 4G LTE footprint, meaning its network is expanding and LTE is available in more areas. And though T-Mobile has hit its milestone for June, the carrier says that it will continue to expand its LTE footprint.

In addition to hitting the coverage goal to bring its 4G LTE coverage to more people through that pops goal, T-Mobile also recently announced at its uN-carrier 5.0 event that it has expanded 15X15 MHz network to 16 markets in the U.S. and VoLTE now is available in 15 markets to aid in congestion and help deliver bandwidth.

Is this recent achievement enough for you to give T-Mobile a shot? If so, what device are you looking at using on T-Mobile's expanding LTE footprint?

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Chuong H Nguyen
  • It's pretty plain and simple nothing beats Tmobile period. They have accomplished major feats this past 18 to 24 months. From my Galaxy Note 3 via Android Central App
  • You say period just like Richard used to ahhhh the memory's Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 running Android L or Samsung galaxy S5
  • That's because it is the same guy.
  • we doubt it. he is a bit of a poor imitation....
  • Unless you want to use your mobile data on the road. It was completely unusable on a road trip from Indiana to Virginia, and then again from Virginia to southern North Carolina. Posted via Android Central App
  • it is unusable in a ton of areas outside of the cities....and by city I mean with a population of >500K
  • Agreed. Their coverage is spotty at best where I live. I live between three major metropolitan areas, and I would still have to drive at least 45 minutes to get even "4G" from T-Mobile.
  • My city only has 40k...and full coverage Posted via Android Central App
  • I live in a state capital in between a ton of Metro areas. It is decent on the main streets in the city, ok around the Capital building but you go a mile away, from there and you might as well be using AOL. Sprint is decent 3G there, but great 4G LTE everywhere else around me for 100s of miles.
  • Right
  • been that way for 5/10 years. either dialup or limited 4G. We have T-Mo tester phones in the office and we do compare them... Sorry it is what it is but your wishing it to better isn't going to make it happen. They just suck here.
  • I unfortunately got a few new accounts in middle of nowhere towns, which may make switching to T-Mo unfeasible. I'm going to sign up for the test drive and carry that iPhone with me for a full week of BFE travel and do Speedtest trials as frequently as I can. Say what you will about the Uncarrier shit, the test drive option is HUGE for consumers, and every other carrier should follow suit. Posted via Android Central App
  • From everything you've said about Aio/Cricket, T-Mobile just seems like a joke in comparison.
    Posted via Android Central App
  • My city only has 100k people and I get terriffic coverage out in the boonies around here too. Your claims are specific to your area, so don't make it seem like this happens everywhere. It simply doesn't.
  • remember they are still in the middle up upgrading all their 2G network directly to LTE so by the end of the year this should be less of a concern
  • +100 Posted via a sexy Nexus 5
  • Haha same Indiana to Florida. Only in the few major cities we got. There was decent service. Sprint has LTE afloat the whole way and only didn't have service in there mountains and some of Alabama Posted via Android Central App
  • Whooooooot!!!! Indiana!!!!!!! Rocking that Edge all day! Posted via Android Central App
  • Yea, Verizon and AT&T beat t-mobile in coverage Posted via Nexus 5 Android Central App
  • They also cost more and cap data. Posted via Android Central App
  • AT&T is certainly competitive on pricing with T-Mobile. That argument goes out the window now. And I have a corporate discount with AT&T to top it off. I tried T-Mobile for 2 months and couldn't stand the coverage. I'll keep paying $80/month for my wife and my Nexus phones with AT&T. I just did a road trip from Chicago to Traverse City, MI. I don't even want to think how T-Mobile coverage would have been. Posted via Android Central App
  • You can't even compare the 2 anymore if you're a heavy music streamer. 10 gb on tmo can turn into 30gb if you're a heavy music streamer. Posted via Android Central App
  • doesnt tmo not count music streaming against your data now?
  • That was his point.
  • Nope. It isn't. Until att offers unlimited data, it absolutely isn't. I can see where you are coming from on low data plans like 1GB with a galaxy s 5. On att that would cost $65 per month, while on T-Mobile, it would be $75.... But that's on 1GB of high speed data on T-Mobile with no coverages. AT&T.... Not so much. I agree coverage can still be improved, but if T-Mobile covers you where you are 95% of the time, there should be no question about who to choose for a wireless carrier. Posted via Android Central App
  • Yeah, unlimited is still a big deal for lots of people... 5.5GB used here on Sprint across the last couple weeks, 17 days to be precise. 2.9GB of the was solely from Chrome, I think YouTube and various TV network apps follow it with half a gig each. Some months I've used way less (<2GB), I'd really rather not have to think about my usage and whether I'm approaching any sorta cap tho.
  • I used over 80gb last month at an average of 3.5MB/s, peaking at about 5.0MB/s!! Show me another wireless carrier that can do that for $70/month!!
  • Get high speed internet at home. People like you don't count. You're too cheap to get home internet. :-)
  • Don't hate because I'm smart enough to save $50 a month by using one ISP for all my web needs. It's not a matter pf being too cheap....it's logical consumerism. Most people would call paying for tyhe same thing twice fucking retarded, but for some reason when you do it in the mobile world people call you cheap. I'll tell you what...since you have so much money to burn, apparently, next time you upgrade your phone, buy two and send me one. What....don't want to pay twice for one thing??? Cheap-o lol
  • You don't need unlimited. You can get by with a 10GB plan. On AT&T for 2 phones on the 10GB shared plan, it's $130...$65 per phone.
  • Tmo gives 5gb per phone at $30 (that's $60 for two lines). Tmo wins yet again!!
  • Can AT&T give me 5gb per month for $30? I think not! Can AT&T give me unlimited data, voice and text for $70 per month? I think not. They are not competitive, and telling yourself that will never make it so, either.
  • First off, that $30 plan on T-Mobile can't work for most business people. We can't have 100 minutes of talk time. That plan doesn't not need to be competed with by AT&T. Such a small faction of people can get by with that plan that it doesn't matter. As for unlimited, I have high speed internet access at home and work like most people do. 2GB, 5GB, 10GB, or unlimited would all be the same to be. it's all unlimited to me as I'd never hit these limits. Again, speaking from a business perspective, most people don't need unlimited data. For the majority of people, AT&T is highly competitive with T-Mobile with substantially better coverage. Let's call it what it is. T-Mobile is a budget carrier. And that's okay. Budget carriers need to exist. They will never have the network footprint of the big 2. Again, that's okay. That's not a knock on them. It's just reality.
  • VoIP means unlimited voice...nice try!! Got anymore losing arguments to throw at me?
  • We have ZERO at&t 4G coverage in this area..zero Posted via Android Central App
  • Coming from the guy that things Samsung is the best. Posted via Android Central App
  • I had no T-Mobile data coverage in the "thumb" of Michigan or anywhere in Michigan outside major cities (like near Flint, Detroit, Battle Creek). Otherwise, T-Mobile was pretty useless there when I was on business.
  • My old T-Mo BlackBerry got great reception in Detroit and Grand Rapids, and reasonable reception in Ann Arbor. Other than than, I'd have had equal luck sending messages by telegraph. Posted via Android Central App
  • HEEEE'SSSS BAAAACCCKKKK!!! We missed you so, so much. I hope you've had a wonderful vacation from AC. How were the mojitos? Posted via Android Central App
  • Listen up Sprint! Valuable lessons could be learned from this company! Brought to you by the Nexus M8
  • Don't worry, they bought them already....
  • I'm back Sprint brothers unite! Posted via Android Central App
  • I hope so.... Brought to you by the Nexus M8
  • Lmao ***Ivana........Ivana Humpalot***
  • Only in your wet dreams
  • I know you just like arguing against me but you cannot deny the fact that the deal is done. It still needs approval but that is a formality. Sprint already know what the Government agencies want and are obviously willing to do it.
  • I disagree, the merger plan between AT&T/T-Mobile was more public than the Sprint/T-Mobile, had valid points, and unfounded points, and still fell apart due to DoJ & FCC saying no. I'm pretty sure DoJ & FCC are gonna say no to this one also. Either way I wasn't a fan of the AT&T merger, not a fan of this merger.
  • You are wrong. And the market can no sustain 4 big carriers. The merger with Sprint and T-Mobile will happen. It has to for both to survive. It's not a matter of if it will get approved but win Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm not so sure. From a technological standpoint, this makes little sense (merging a GSM and CDMA metro together?), but merging the third and fourth largest service providers would increase the size enough to compete with Verizon and ma Bell Posted via Android Central App
  • GSM/CDMA is not a problem at all. T Mobile just did it.
  • The problem with that merger was that 2+4= #1. They would have had the biggest carrier with rock solid coverage. They would have dictated things easily. Now it is 3+4 = #3 but it will give them similar attitudes and upgrade customer coverage a ton. And do it faster/cheaper than it would take to build it all out.
  • No a wet dream is the idea of Google buying T-Mobile.
  • That would be awesome! Is bet they'd roll out the best network too! Brought to you by the Nexus M8
  • Fiber data.
  • Still no LTE in my area only strong 4g Posted via Android Central App
  • Annnnnnnnd cue nonexus Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 running Android L or Samsung galaxy S5
  • Haha was thinking the same thing Posted via Android Central App
  • Sorry I am late, I was working
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  • Your mom's basement does not count as a workplace.
  • It counts as a workplace for his mom. ...why yes, I AM twelve, why do you ask? Posted via Android Central App
  • Do you know how many people are into necrophilia and what they are willing to pay? Scott there is just pissed that I would not let him have a frequent flyer discount. That or his Viagra prescription was delayed.
  • Better than being stuck in 2G or LTE without the proper backhaul.
  • I am very glad that T-Mobile is continuing to build out the Network. SprinT-Mobile will be that much better for it.... http://www.droidforums.net/forum/attachments/android-news/71418d14013905...
  • +1 Posted via Android Central App
  • That's what I'm looking forward to. I love t-mobile but I had to move the wife over to my Sprint business account so she can have signal in the boonies. After that improves I'll move get back. As for me I'm happy with my nexus and 30 plus mbps in all major cities. Posted via Nexus 5 Android Central App
  • When it happens and depending on how it happens, I would consider switching to the GSM T-Mobile lines. As I said, it really depends on how it happens. I can see them being "the same yet seperate" until the whole GSM/CDMA thing is in the rear view mirror. Unfortunately that could be a few years off though.
  • Softbank USA!!! ***Ivana........Ivana Humpalot***
  • Is there any user-driven board/site that maps and discusses TMo coverage like S4GRU for Sprint? I'm mostly happy with Sprint right now (solid LTE speed and coverage in Puerto Rico, building penetration could be better in places) but wanted to grab some pre paid SIMs to experiment with this summer since I have a Nexus 5 (part of the reason I got it). It'd be nice to have an idea of what coverage looks like in certain places before I start driving around tho... I'm not sure I'll really bother trying AT&T since my immediate family members all have it (so I run tests thru them) and I've been using way more data than what I'd be willing to pay AT&T anyway... Would need a 10GB plan to myself to avoid overages, or jump on a shared 10GB+ plan which could be cheaper but trickier. I'm curious to explore TMo as an option tho, even if the buyout happens, or specially if it does (the GSM network would end up seeing the bulk of upgrades as Sprint transitions towers and shifts capacity).
  • Sensorly, it's all user input coverage maps and speed tests for networks(including smaller regional carriers) in your area, or any area you want to look at. It also gives you the option to switch between 3G and 4G coverage, one thing to note is that when looking at T-Mobile on Sensorly is that there 3G map is actually for their HSPA+ 42, and the 4G map is for LTE. https://www.androidcentral.com/e?link=https2F2F...
  • They could start moving forward with a full GSM conversion, because technically LTE is a GSM standard, so getting Sprint spectrum converted to GSM would provide a pretty big combined network that could rival big evil and slightly less big-and-evil. Posted via Android Central App
  • I would love to see things go that way. I have no great love for CDMA, it is just that CDMA has always been good to me. Another reason is that I would hate to see a GSM carrier go away, even if it is only for a short time.
  • In my city (San Antonio) it's great. It seems like every week I'll go to a part of town that didn't have great coverage, but now it has LTE. The second I step outside the city is an entire different story, however.
  • I've been on tmo since late April. I'm a trucker, so I hit pretty much the entire corsage map. Yes. The are still quite a few spots where the data is pretty inferior. But, I'm seeing lte where I didn't, even two weeks ago. They are expanding their coverage at a very rapid pace. I came from Verizon, and was with them when they started their lte rollout. T'mobile is blowing them out of the water on expansion rate now, vs when they did it. Granted, the technology is probably a bit cheaper, at this point. But, the fact is that I maintained a Verizon love for mifi, because I knew what I was getting into. I've found myself using that line less and less, over the last month. And I won't be surprised if I'm able to cancel it by this time next year. Posted via Android Central App
  • Drove cross country and tmo just doesn't provide 'nationwide' data at this point. Cities are fine though and I had success getting streaming started in a city then rolling with it through areas I was only getting an 'E' signal.
    Agreed as I was with vz during lte rollout with a droid charge and tmo is adding quickly but they don't have the 3g backbone vz had.
  • Sending a child off to college in a few weeks. Planning to get the $30 5GB plan for their Moto X. College is over 10 hours away though. I'm not really worried about coverage around the University but when traveling there and back. Mostly interstate but could be some without. When there isn't LTE do you still get a reliable signal for talk? Don't have to have constant data while traveling.
  • check the route on Sensorly.com I think you will be OK for talk, data might be AOL dialup speeds.
  • I moved over to T Mobile last October and have been thrilled with their coverage, the Jump program and their relative transparency. My wife came along in December and still thinks that Verizon had better coverage, which they still might. No contracts though means we will remain with TMO as they seem truly committed to getting better. Posted via Android Central App
  • Well 2g is still all around my area, while I have lte with att. No use switching to tmobile ubnless they get lte in my area. Sprint had lte here since initial rollout. Posted via Android Central App
  • I was visiting my cousin who lives in a much bigger city than I do yesterday speeds and signal at their apartment was amazing. Signal for me in my small city on LTE is meh unless I'm right next to the tower. Fluctuates 1-3 bars at my house HSPA+ fluctuates between 2 and 4 bars. For the 6 months I've had it I have only lost signal once inside a hospital next to the X-ray and nuclear medicine departments.
  • Everywhere I go I get LTE but where I need it most which is at home I'm only getting HSPA with speed avg of 1.5mbps. So I cant stream any videos and web pages takes a while to load. I rent and our home internet is so flaky that I cant rely on it either. If only verizon wasn't so expensive, I would've jumped ship. They have awesome coverage in the bay area.
  • I got LTE at my house for the first time this weekend. Posted via Android Central App
  • Happy birthmas Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 running Android L or Samsung galaxy S5
  • I'm trying the Test Drive program, and it's a cool program, but I spend way more time on Edge (which is useless) than 4G or LTE. When I am on 4G or LTE it works well... but just not there yet.
  • They should be finished with LTE by next June in time for your second test drive :P
  • The biggest issue I have is their "real world coverage". I have coworkers with T-Mobile, Sprint & AT&T. I have Verizon. We travel around to job sites every few days. This is what I can tell you from a real world experience of not often being near populated areas, being in hilly or wooded areas & near the coast line. T-Mobile & Sprint are HORRIBLE! I wish it wasn't so, but it is. I live in Washington State & the places I am talking about are well serviced by Verizon & AT&T, but T-Mobile & Sprint coverage is so full of holes its just terrible. I'm not bashing, just letting you know what I see on a daily basis on our work crew. Posted via a beautiful Ebony backed Moto X or the amazing Nexus 10 using the totally awesome Android Central App
  • My area was just about blanketed in LTE. I figured the few dead spots were here to stay. Today I discovered the last 2G area I regularly drive through is now full bars of LTE. It's good to know they are minding the gaps. Posted via Android Central App
  • Bars do not measure data strength. Posted via Android Central App
  • Depending on the phone they do. The m7, m8 and nexus devices, among others, measure data strength with signal bars. Posted via Android Central App
  • And July 1 the MetroPCS network is being shut off here in New England, so I'm hoping my speeds will double, if not triple sometime soon! Posted via Android Central App
  • T-Mobile works gray where I live. Posted via Android Central App
  • It is in gray in most area's that is the problem
  • lol Posted via HTC One on Sprint
  • BS
  • I love t-mobile. I have lte pretty much everywhere I go. I travel very infrequently, omg if I can't "survive" for a bit w/o lte. The hspa is amazing when lte isn't available! Why pay double for Verizon? I never will!
  • I'm currently on T-Mobile myself and I'm not impressed with their service when indoors. I can stand outside my apartment with my galaxy S5 and get 4g LTE at full and when I go in it drops to half 4g (no LTE) or Edge... It's very unreliable... Posted via Android Central App
  • That's not really unreliable per se, just a weakness of Tmo's current spectrum holdings and use... Higher frequencies travel farther but have less building penetration power. Any non-Spark Sprint market (most of them) suffers the same. Both companies are working on it, but that's actually something they could really knock out quicker as one merged company.
  • I have a small correction for you sir, higher frequencies travel FASTER but have less building penetration. They also don't travel as far which is why you could be on Verizon and be out in EBF of what ever city and have full bar LTE, but same location only have half bar HSPA+ with T-Mo. The lower the frequency the better building penetration, and range you'll have; the higher frequency the larger your capacity and speed is going to be.
  • Switched to T-Mobile in January and I've never been more happy with my service. I was very skeptical in the beginning yet so far I've had less issues with my phone and coverage since I switched from AT&T. Posted via Android Central App
  • I just had a really bad experience with Verizon today, I am seriously considering going to T-Mobile, the problem is I am on the road all day long in NYC the surrounding boroughs including NJ and upstate NY, and Staten Island where I reside. I never had any issues with Verizon's service phone or data, anyone care to share their experience in my neck of the woods with T-Mobile. Posted via Android Central App
  • Sprint please leave T-Mobile alone. I would hate to see how Sprint could muck it up. I switched a couple weeks ago from Verizon. Paying my ETF, no contract, nexus, and $40 less per month on T-Mobile. No data usage for Spotify pushed me over and I'm glad I did. Verizon I had to monitor my data because of Spotify use. Verizon coverage is better in buildings in my city. T-Mobile is acceptable coverage and LTE speeds are through the roof, 40 Mbps down is common place. Verizon LTE was around 5-7 Mbps down. Also when I would end up on 3G on Verizon it was pretty much unusable. GSM 3G is so much faster. Verizon always had the best network in my area, now the congestion is killing it. The cost of Verizon is no longer justified by it's network. Posted via Android Central App
  • You realise that together service would only get better or are you just to daft Posted via Android Central App
  • +1 ***Ivana........Ivana Humpalot***
  • Barring the Nexus 5 can any GSM phone on T-Mobile even use CDMA? Getting both companies on the same frequencies and phones seems many years off. Additionally it would lead to less competition in wireless which is never good for the consumer. Posted via Android Central App
  • I will paraphrase every other thread. The GSM/CDMA thing is not a big deal, one way or another. There are several solutions. Heck, T Mobile bought Metro and combined the CDMA network and GSM. Neither company by itself is any competition for ATT or Verizon. Even combined they are still in 3rd place by a bit of distance. They both have great attitudes and philosophies and with 80-90% of the subscriber base of ATT/VZW they can do some real shaking in the industry. Finally, T-Mobile will not be around, or worse bought out by dish, if this does not go through. Sure they added some subscribers but the cost per customer is going through the roof and they cannot sustain what they are doing.
  • Many phones this year can do GSM + CDMA like the Nexus, there aren't any special components on the Nexus 5 to allow this... So if the two carries did merge they could keep selling the same phones for years until the transition is complete, and that's ignoring other unifying technologies like VoLTE.
    I know Sprint is like the AC comments section whipping boy or something, but in areas where they've worked thru their upgrade schedule they've actually improved a ton. Even 3G speeds went up a lot in Puerto Rico, tho LTE is pretty spread out at this point.
    I was just going thru my Speed Test history and I can't find a single test under 1mbps even on 3G, which sounds like faint praise but half a mbps on 3G used to be common whereas the mean seems to be closer to 2mbps now. Hard to really tell tho since the vast majority of my tests are on LTE.
    I wish I could test the one local carrier here that isn't a national US carrier (Claro), cause from what I've seen AT&T is really saturated (no VZW here sadly) to the point where Sprint LTE and even Tmo HSPA+ are often faster (specially in more open locations, AT&T still has an edge overall in building penetration).
    Not touching a Claro contract with a ten foot pole tho, I travel too much to states. I intend to try out Tmo at some point tho, coverage has been their weakness here, particularly because Tmo didn't exist at all in PR some 4-5 years ago. The island really isn't hard to cover extensively tho, load casualty capacity is the bigger issue. We're more densely populated than some major U.S. markets.
  • The Service together won't get better. Sprint said the said thing when they bought Nextel. The "Service will Get Better" but actually got worst. Sprint is going to be always last because of their Management and Board of Directors.
    If Sprint gets approval to buy Tmo, its going to be the same as when they bought Nextel. BAD!!
  • You're uneducated. ***Ivana........Ivana Humpalot***
  • I will go one further, your an idiot.
    First, Sprint is #3
    Next, things did improve after Nextel, there spectrum was and is still used to improve a lot of things.
    Finally, this is not the same Sprint. They got bought a little while ago by a little company from Japan.
  • I see a lot of posts on this site talking about how this or that carrier has poor coverage in area X so they suck. In reality all that really matters is what carrier works in the area or areas you spend your time in. I live in Arizona. I don't care what works in New Jersey. Posted via Android Central App
  • Agreed, but a lot of people have to travel for work. I do not have to go far or that often (so far) but it is good to know that I have coverage in wherever.
  • Not with sprint you don't Posted via Android Central App
  • And not with T-Mobile either. ***Ivana........Ivana Humpalot***
  • Yeah with Sprint I hit 2 dead areas between NY, baltimore, DC and Harrisburg. By dead I mean sucky 3G (like people complain about) and by areas I mean less than 2-3 miles on the highway.
  • +1
  • +1. I would love to have T-Mobile if they had better LTE coverage in my city (literally just launched last month, no official announcement.) and I'd love to use Sprint, and love sprint, if they had more than that extremely excruciating 3G network. I'd also love Verizon if they weren't so god damn expensive. where I live, AT&T is the only carrier with cell towers in northern minnesota. I never drop from LTE to HSPA+ within a 30-50 mile radius of my city. and HSPA+ still sits in the 6-10 Mbps range. I'm extremely satisfied with every part of at&t, and i'll continue to be a loyal customer until T-Mobile's Edge coverage becomes LTE and their LTE formally launches, Verizon's prices drop, or Sprint gets their LTE Network up and running. I respect all of the big 4 that aren't my carrier. Verizon for it's smart LTE B13/B4 rollout. Sprint for the network vision initiative, Spark network and respectably sized 3G network. and well T-Mobile for obvious reasons. Posted via Android Central App
  • I miss T-Mobile very much but AT&T has everything I need. I left Tmo a few years back and never looked back. AC App via Nexus 5
  • Why not give them another shot. T-mobile SIM regularly $0.01 prepaid plan $3 a day 200 MB or $30 for 30 days and 5 GB. Their iPhone test drive doesn't say you can't use the SIM in another phone like your Nexus 5. You will need a SIM card adapter for nano SIM to micro SIM. I like the mediadevil simdevil ones.
  • If you have what you need, why bother?
  • You get what you pay for these days, more so than ever. T-Mobile is cheap because they can afford no data caps due to such abysmal coverage for the US. I will gladly pay more for my Verizon phone to work everywhere I need to and not have a doubt in my mind I will have service when and where I need it. Posted via Android Central App
  • I hope this means less dropped calls and better signal strengths... So sick of having random data drop and call drop at a certain intersection. Probably the weirdest thing that happens to me. Drops the call and than my phone is searching for a connection and it stays on edge for a little while until I pass that intersection. Posted via Android Central App
  • I've been having intermittent 4G in my area the past couple of days. I made mention of it on Twitter, and I had a conversation with a representative; they told me that my area was "undergoing modernization"...whatever that means. Essentially, I should get 4G really soon. I know T-Mobile gets a lot of grief, but I couldn't be happier that I went back to them.
  • And you'll be the 1st to market with a $598.00 32GB/3GB G3..
    T-Mo.. You're making my prediction of your ascension to Numero Uno by the end of 2015 look better with each passing week.. *The Un-Carrier ! *
    Keep It Up.. :-)
  • It will be renamed by then Will, I think DT is keeping the name
  • They aren't being bought it's very unlikely. FCC and DoJ won't allow it. They want a 4 carrier system. If T-mobile and Sprint merge, then the #4 carrier would be US Cellular who doesn't even have nationwide coverage with rates as bad as Verizon and AT&T.
  • You were wrong when you said it up thread, you are just as wrong down here.
  • really excited for 7.0 later this summer. My contract ends in October so whatever they plan i will have the option to get it.
  • It doesn't matter how many companies Sprint buys, it will always be last. The Management makes bad decisions and it doesn't understand new technology. Sprint has a bad record merging with other companies "Nextel". Wimax was a bad mistake, who would have pick Wimax over LTE, only a fool; when LTE was showing better performance. Sprint is taking forever to deploy LTE. Tmo is deploying LTE very fast and works great. I was a Sprint customer for 10 years and it had horrible 3G speed. Also, two big companies are lobbying agains the merger ATT and Verizon.
  • Wimax was ready at the time, LTE wasn't. They probably just should have sold off the spectrum instead of wasting time and money building out wimax.
  • You are half right. The problem with what you said is that they bought it under the condition of building 4G. If they didn't use it, they could not just sell it, it would revert back to the Government. THey would have not only been out the money they paid for it, but the asset they bought, which is way more valuable
  • been a tmo customer for the last 10 years and i couldnt be happier, agreed that their network was not available everywhere but they have improved drastically over the last few years! I used to get about 12-18mb down last year, and now i am getting consistently 35-40! (kansas city area). I travel abroad atleast once a year and no roaming fees in over 200 countries? Come on now you cannot beat that. And their unlimited data plans are truly unlimited without any fuss! i am using a s4 right now till i get my OnePlus in my hands!
  • I wonder where they expanded their footprint. Good news though. Absolutely love T-Mobile's service. Posted via Android Central App
  • T-Mo needs to have near seamless coverage from Portland (ME), to the White Mountains, down to RI and Boston and into VT before I will switch. Oh and no [more] dead spots than AT&T currently has in this region. THEN I will switch.
  • Yeah if you are driving from chicago to eastcoast never works I'm glad that wasn't me always stuck on E. Posted via Android Central App