T-Mobile had the highest customer satisfaction in 2017 of all U.S. carriers

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T-Mobile frequently boasts that it's the best choice for customers in the United States who don't like getting screwed over by AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon, and thanks to new surveys, the Un-Carrier now has proof that it can talk the talk and walk the walk.

HarrisX and research firm YouGov BrandIndex surveyed numerous T-Mobile customers, and both firms discovered that T-Mobile customers were the most satisfied compared to any other major carrier in the U.S.

When looking at HarrisX's findings, it's shown that of the 360,000 wireless customers that were surveyed, the majority of them were most satisfied and likely to recommend T-Mobile over the rest of the competition. YouGov BrandIndex didn't dive into likeness to recommend, but its findings also show that customers were most satisfied with T-Mobile throughout 2017.

In addition to these numbers, T-Mobile also announced that it's expanded its LTE network to cover a total of 322 million people. That's an increase of 7 million compared to the 315 million covered individuals a year ago, and throughout 2018, T-Mobile says it'll be focused on releasing more phones that support its ultra-fast 600 MHz bands.

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