T-Mobile giving away 10 HTC Sensations, 200MB in free data for Father's Day

It ain't doughnuts or a tie or an ashtray, but T-Mobile's got a nice little Father's Day deal in place.

First up: T-Mo's soliciting photons on its Facebook page. Post a pic of you and your dad on their wall. On June 18, they'll pick five pairs of winners, with each winning an HTC Sensation. (Read our full review.)

Secondly: Magenta's giving away 200MB data plans for new and existing customers (with at least 18 months under their belts). Technically, you'll get $10 monthly credits -- equal to 200MB of free data -- for a year. Or, you can apply the credit toward any of T-Mobile's more useful 2GB, 5GB or 10GB data plans. Your choice.

Not a bad deal. And it all starts Saturday, June 18.

Sources: T-Mobile (opens in new tab), Facebook

  • The power button will probably fail on the Sensation the day after the warranty expires, like it does on HTC's Nexus One. So free is about the right price. Yes, I am bitter that I spent $550 on a paperweight and HTC says I'm SOL.
  • Ummm you didn't get the insurance?! I have not pitty for you
  • Haha TS!
  • Who gives their dad an ashtray for Fathers Day?
  • back in the 80s the plaster homemade ash tray was the cool gift.
  • Boy, I really hate these Facebook only deals and give-aways. Some of us stay clear of Facebook and are SOL.