T-Mobile Galaxy S II processor outed by Galaxy S support Twitter account?

And there you have it.  The T-Mobile version of the Samsung Galaxy S II will have the Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8060 1.5GHz dual-core CPU instead of the Exynos processor the rest of the series has.  People who go gaga over the benchmark numbers will be disappointed, as will people wanting that 42Mbps HSPA+ speed that was rumored for a while, as the product brief for the MSM8X60/APQ8060 lists its max speed at 14Mbps.

Who won't be disappointed?  A whole bunch of folks who will be picking this one up when it launches that have no idea what's under the hood (and don't really care), and those that want the most out of their battery life.  Android geeks will just have to second guess why the decision was made -- if it turns out to be true.  We've seen Twitter fail us much too often to put all our faith into 140 characters.

Source: @GalaxySsupportThanks, Wilson!

MSM8X60/APQ8060 product brief

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  • EPIC (pun intended) FAIL for this phone on T-MOBILE!
  • Well, this only makes my decision much easier. Nexus Prime it is!
  • So dual-core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm processor is worse than a Dual- Core Exynos 1.2GHz processor? Is that what I'm picking up from this article and the first comments?
  • Yes most people including myself would much rather have a Exynos 1.2GHz then a Qualcomm 1.5GHz
  • Why? How is the Exynos better?
  • the exynos is cortex A9 processor which performs faster and lagless, now the snapdragon at 1.2ghz was cortex A8 processor which wasn't the best performer, it still showed lag, now this is 1.5ghz so in previous leaks they show benchmark of this phone of 3.2k on quadrant standard, which in fact is around the same as exynos, but like I said its a leak, I hope it still performs as well as exynos, otherwise wait or switch carrier, since this is the phone I been waiting for a long time now.
  • On top of that the Mali 400 gpu will absolutely destroy the Adreno flavors out there. When the UI becomes fully hardware accelerated I'm not surprised if we see battery savings on the more powerful GPUs as well. Bad move tmobile.
  • Yea, and I have an Xbox 360 and PS3 on a 125" 1080P projector screen to play.
  • http://www.anandtech.com/show/4789/samsung-confirms-apq8060-for-tmobile-... It will have 42mbps
  • ...and I fully expect it to have the standard Ping time of all the rest of the 42mbps phones..... 800+ms. Thank god my SG2 is max 21mps....I get under <100ms ping...and usually under <50ms. Bring on the MMO's.....lol.
  • So, higher speed CPU with better battery life versus some theoretical maximum bandwidth speed that may or may not even be implemented in any area during the life of the handset? Why would anyone get worked up about this?
  • The frequency might be higher, but that doesn't always equate to better performance when talking about two different architectures. The Exynos is a Cortex A9 processor, which has its own advantages that are too long for a comment. The APQ8060 is most similar to a Cortex A8 (although they are not actually the same), which has a performance disadvantage.
    That's my understanding at least.
  • For performance a 1.2GHz snapdragon should be on par with 1GHz Cortex A9. This means a 1.5GHz snapdragon will be on par with 1.2 GHz Cortex A9. Also, MAlI 400 has never shown to be much better than SGX540 used in earlier samsung devices in real world scenarios. Code will always be optimized for lowest common denominator and that would be the one that is most prevalent, for now qualcomm is used more often. I think this version being inferior is a baseless argument generated by people with little understanding of underlying platforms. Unfortunately FUD spreads faster than fact.
  • We have an SG2 variant in Canada (SG2X). 4.5" screen, 1.5GHz Snap and I can't remember if its the Adreno 220 or the SGX540 GPU.....but in testing it runs at 2/3rds the speed of the Mali400...even though the subsystem is clocked faster than in previous phones of that CPU/GPU combination.
  • I have T-Mobile and the HTC Wildfire S, other then a few memory and battery issues (won't stay charged for long) it is a great phone.
  • This pretty much solidifies my decision to go with the Nexus Prime (sic) - as it also creates a much larger gap when it comes to OS updates and Samsung's potential to be able to easily aggregate changes across the already fragmented models (carriers versions). The concept of timely/regular updates for this phone just went right out the Window - Nexus Next it is!
  • I think you guys are underestimating what 42mbps can do. This isnt like the jump from 7.7 to 14.4 to 21.1. This actually employs a different technologies that will double the spectrum used by the phone. You should get nearly double the speeds you get now. So if you get 2mpbs on an HSPA+ device, you'll probably get close to 4 now. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dual-Cell_HSDPA
  • Why on earth people are caring about faster download speeds with a cap of 2GB/month is beyond me. I'd rather have adequate speeds now and a much more future proof phone even though I'll probably be upgrading in a year from now anyway with whatever my purchase is this holiday.
  • Quit being so cheap and maybe you won't be capped at 2gb. Also, what do the data speeds having anything to do with the cap? It's the same amount of data, would you rather get it quicker or wait for shit to load more often? Go switch to sprint if unlimited is that important for you. GO GO GO!
  • he probably wont since sprint service is horrible and 4G is mostly nowhere to be found, at least where I live no 4G service, yet you still have to pay the premium fee.
  • Think it like this. The 2GB cap is a drink. The 42mbps radio is the guy who chugs everything and the regular 21mbps (or anything else for the matter) radio is the guy who just sips their drink. Now tell me, which one is going to finish their 'drink' faster?
  • My tenant is getting 16mpbs down and 11 up with his tblot. That's fast
  • That's LTE. You don't see speeds like that on AT&T & T-Mobile (HSPA+), or Sprint (WiMAX).
  • To be fair, the "fake" Droid Bionic twitter was accurate with the release date. I would be inclined to believe Verizon and/or Motorola don't want to have 'public' association with that account much like Starbucks and that whole Jonathan's Card fiasco.
  • i think the article got it backwards. having the exynos chip may be all snappy and awesome, but it also apparently eats batteries for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert plus would only get 21.1 mbps of t-mo's theoretical 41 mbps 4g network. everything i have seen has said that while the qualcomm chip isn't as sexy as the exynos chip, it also provides better battery and was the only one available that could possibly reach those 4g speeds if people were lucky enough to ever get those speeds. so if we have a choice of new hotness chip that is snappy, but destroys batteries, and would never reach the max on t-mobile's 4g speeds versus an old and busted chip that may have some lag (maybe not perceptible) but will last longer on the battery and could reach those 4g speeds. if what i have seen is true then i will take the faster device with the longer battery life every time. i don't obsess over specs especially when it turns out that what may be "the best" can't take advantage of everything a data network can offer. does the phone look cool? yes. is it powerful? yes. is it fast? yes. good enough for me.
  • The exynos is superior in not only speed but battery also. The Snapdragon is an asyncrounous processor. The exynos is syncronous. Both cores are active at the same time, in all the reviews of the E4GT just releasing on sprint they have the battery life as better than the iphone 4. In other words the best battery on a smart phone to this point.
  • Samsung is also using big ass batteries though. So lets see what the qualcomm chips do wtih a much bigger battery...
  • I could have sworn I read from Qualcomm that this chip was synchronous as well. *edit: nevermind.
  • Why T-Mobile, Why????? Whoever is making decisions for the products they choose should be tared and feathered and rode out of town on a rail.