T-Mobile G2X may see release April 15, and the G-Slate (at $529) coming 'soon'

Just got slipped the screen you see above, and it looks like we may see the T-Mobile G2X (that's the LG Optimus 2X for those of you playing at home) as soon as April 15. That's a tad sooner than the April 20 date that's been floating around. But the sooner we get that hot little dual-core Tegra 2 phone in our hands, the better.

Oh, and there's the T-Mobile G-Slate (aka the LG Optimus Tab) mentioned as well, priced at $529 on contract and rebate. Its release is listed as being "soon."

And do note that release dates absolutely are subject to change, but it does seem that we're getting close, boys and girls. Thanks, anon!

Phil Nickinson
  • $529.99 AFTER mir? WOW! Question is, how much BEFORE mir? Usually there's a steep discount with a contract.
  • I can't wait for the G2x release. It will be my first Android device. (long time BlackBerry user here)
  • Until Android 2.4 comes out dual core phones are non starters. Why is tmobile now doing this mail in rebate crap as well.
  • I want to know if it has free hotspot, like my nexus s. If not, ill pass
  • Its not going to have free hotspot. Its just the the G2. Where there is a plan for it. Fortuntatly for me, I'm rooted it is free. Which is the case for pretty much all rooted phones.
  • its comes out on April 20 along with the mifi and I believe the new sidekick
  • its comes out on April 20 along with the mifi and I believe the new sidekick. At least thats what they told me. Im a T-Mobile Exclusive dealer managaer. Could of changed without notice but to my knowledge its the 20th of April.
  • I just got off the phone with a rep at a Tmo store and a rep in the Tmo cancellation department (negotiating early upgrade) and both of them quoted 4/13 (Wednesday) as the G2x release date. The Tmo rep in customer support said she saw it earlier in the day in the computer system but it suddenly changed to "TBD" when she looked again. Cross your fingers.
  • there is something good coming april 13 but its not that, they are dropping the price of their unlimited plan to 79.99