Christmas is coming early to our friends across the pond. The T-Mobile G1 Android phone is now even more affordable after a discount just in time for the holiday season. Previously, a G1 in the U.K. was £40/mo. for service with a FREE G1. The FREE part catches the eye when you consider the G1 is around $179 here in the States with a contract. Now, our U.K. friends are enjoying a price drop to £30/mo. and the G1 is STILL free. Sweet! So why the discount so soon after release? Is T-Mo not reaching their sales goals for the G1? Did Google and T-Mobile not learn from the hornets nest stirred up when a guy named Steve Jobs enraged early adopters with a slashed iPhone price so soon after release? According to T-Mobile:

"We have chosen to offer the device free with a £30 contract to make the pricing more competitive in light of recent device launches. We are well on track to achieve our sales forecasts"


I guess that settles it, eh? If you are in the U.K. and have been holding out, it looks like a good time to pick up a G1!