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T-Mobile G-Slate's Android 3.1 update pushing out now

It's been a few days since we first learned the T-Mobile LG G-Slate would be getting its Android 3.1 update soon. And that day has now come. Pushing out over the air, the update will roll out in waves, meaning not everybody's going to get it at the same time. You'll see a notice on your tablet when the update's ready.

Here's what you're getting in Android 3.1:

  • Google Videos - A new Videos app has been added that allows you to buy and rent movies.
  • Recent apps list expanded - The recent apps list has been expanded to show all apps recently used. After opening the apps list, touch one of the apps to access it.
  • Home screen resizable widgets - Widgets built-in to Android 3.0 (Calendar, Email, Gmail, etc.) can now be resized vertically or horizontally on any one of the five home screens.
  • USB accessory support - Customers can now attach a keyboard, pointing device, or gamepad to the G-Slate for use with typing, gaming, etc.

You're also getting bugfixes to Google Talk and Google Music, as was as for the browser and widgets.

Source: T-Mobile

  • I'm still waiting For it? Has anyone got it??
  • Totally for got about this Tablet
  • Totally for got about this Tablet
  • Nothing yet. I will keep checking though. Oddly, my girlfriend's G2x still has yet to receive the Gingerbread update that supposedly went out OTA weeks ago so I cannot say have a whole lot of confidence in this happening.
  • It takes time. Normally they push it out to a small group of people to make sure that the update went well, then they push it out in groups over time. If they pushed it out all at once they would probably crash their servers. A few hundred thousand customers all downloading what might be a large file would do that ya know. :) I havent gotten the update yet either, but im not worried. Normally things roll out over a couple of weeks.
  • I just traded a new HTC Sensation with someone last night for this gem. I've wanted a G-Slate since before they were announced. I fired it up and the update was waiting. It's now running 3.1.