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Pricing and availability will be announced in the coming weeks

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LG already told us that we'd be seeing the G Flex on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, but the Uncarrier makes everything official with an announcement of their own. The G Flex is coming to T-Mo.

It's the exact same curved, flexible, self-healing phone we've already see, but equipped to run on T-Mobile's network. You'll get the same Snapdragon 800 CPU, the same 6-inch screen, and the same 13MP camera. Which are all very good things.

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There's no word on just when to expect a T-Mobile version of the G Flex, or what it will cost you, but T-Mobile says they will let us know in the coming weeks. Jump past the break for the full press release.

T-Mobile Confirms LG G Flex

T-Mobile is ringing in the New Year by further expanding its ever-growing 4G LTE smartphone line-up with the addition of the world's first curved, flexible smartphone[1] from LG Electronics - the LG G Flex. T-Mobile customers can get the G Flex with the Simple Choice Plan, which offers unlimited talk, text and Web as well as unlimited text and data in 100+ countries - at no extra charge - all with no annual service contract on the fastest nationwide 4G LTE network[2].

The LG G Flex offers T-Mobile customers a more reassuring grip and fit as well as an outstanding voice and sound experience because the distinctively curved design follows the contour of the face. The ultra-thin, ultra-light, flexible 6-inch Plastic OLED display is brighter and more precise making it ideal for watching videos or playing games on-the-go. The G Flex also features the Rear Key control for convenience of using one index finger to power the device on or off and adjust volume. It also has self-healing paint on the G Flex back cover that LG says is designed to help recover from the wear and tear of daily use, including scratches from keys[3]. The advanced smartphone features a 13MP HD camera to capture crisp, detailed, high-quality images and videos. In addition, the LG G Flex includes the world's first curved battery technology for a smartphone with a capacity of 3,500 mAh for power, sleek design and comfort in the palm of your hand.

The new smartphone will include LG-exclusive features such as KnockON(TM), Slide Aside(TM) and Qslide Function, allowing customers to perform several tasks simultaneously. G Flex will also introduce new features such as QuickTheater(TM), which can give users virtually instant access to entertainment apps for the ultimate cinematic viewing experience on the curved smartphone; and Dual Window, which divides the wide 6-inch screen into two separate windows for more efficient multitasking.

Pricing and availability for the G Flex will be shared in the coming weeks.