Sync music around the house with Vizio's Crave Go Bluetooth speaker down to $35

Vizio Smart Blueototh Speaker
Vizio Smart Blueototh Speaker

The Vizio SP30 SmartCast Crave Go wireless speaker has dropped to $34.99 at Best Buy. This sale is part of Best Buy's deals of the day, and it's destined to expire tonight if it doesn't sell out first. The speaker normally sells for aorund $70 at most retailers, and today's price matches a low we've seen only a few times before.

Has SmartCast built-in so you can play directly from your phone or use the phone as a remote and control multiple speakers at once. Guests can connect easily and you can set speakers up in every room of the house for multi-room audio.

The SP30 speaker is a powerful device with some distinct features. For one thing, it is a portable speaker that includes a six-hour battery life. You can take it with you and be the life of the party. Or you can set it up at home. Buy a couple of them and drop them around your home. Since it's a multi-room speaker, you can connect all the speakers together and play music in every room or use each speaker to play something different. The back has a convenient kickstand, too, so when you're setting it up you can find the best spot in the room and not worry about it falling over.

The speaker has SmartCast built in, which is pretty unique for a portable speaker like this. You'll be able to cast millions of songs, podcasts, and radio shows using all the apps you already use on a regular basis. Download the free Vizio app and use it conjunction with the speaker's SmartCast and other functions. You can turn your phone into a remote control for your speaker. Search easily for new content on the app, too, and stream that content to the Crave Go. If you have a multi-room setup or just more than one speaker, you can control them all at once.

The Crave Go has plenty of connectivity with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a 3.5mm stereo input, and a USB-A port. Vizio covers it with a one-year warranty.

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