Once you go list, you never go back.

Settings is not an app the average user leisurely scrolls through while they're waiting for the bus. You get in, change what you need to, and get out. Settings is also an app that doesn't change that radically, either. Even for all of Samsung's UI tweaks, they left the Settings on the Samsung Galaxy S6 in one big list with some quick links at the top. Settings is the dependable old road you can take home, even while the rest of the neighborhood changes. The LG G4 turned that trusty old road into an ever-changing desert.

Here's how to get back to the road you know.


Just look at that scrolling. That horrible, horrible scrolling.

Settings are broken up into different sections between Tab view and List view. Battery and power saving is under Device in List view, but way at the bottom of General in Tab view, hiding under Phone Management. So you could direct someone to a setting in one place, but it's really in another place because they're still in Tab view. And the placement of settings in Tab view are pretty bizarre all on their own.

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Go to List view. For the love of all that is good, just do it.

Each of the four tabs has a different color, and in List view, those items keep that color for their icon. Sound and Notifications — which is only one setting under Device in List view — gets its very own tab while nearly half the settings are forced to share the General tab, from Security to your Shortcut Keys.

We get that scrolling all the way down through a long settings list in stock isn't exactly glamorous. At least in that case if you don't know where something is, you're just scrolling through one long list, not scrolling through one, not finding what you were looking for, and having to look through the other three.

This might've been more tolerable if LG had left in the search function that stock Lollipop has in its Settings, but alas, that is not here. So things aren't where they're supposed to be, and you can't search to find them. Some settings even disappear once you put a password on your G4.

And it's quite simple to switch views, tap the three dot drop-down in the right upper corner and tap List view. And never look back. It's okay... It can't hurt you anymore...