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SuperTooth announces the Disco 4 speaker

Bluetooth speaker packs power and portability

Android Central @ CES

SuperTooth has been creating Bluetooth speakers for the past couple of years, and this year at CES they will be showing off their latest addition, the Disco 4. This wireless speaker will pair with devices through Bluetooth 4.0, or users can easily pair their devices through the tap-to-pair NFC technology inside the speaker. SuperTooth claims that after charging the device via USB for only two hours you will be able to get anywhere from 3 to 12 hours of use from each charge depending on your volume level.

The speaker itself weighs just over a pound, and features an 8 watt bass reflex system for optimal sound quality. With a 30 foot range on Bluetooth connection managing the music being played through the speaker is sure to be a breeze, and the included carrying strap will make it ultra portable.

At this time SuperTooth has not announced pricing, but they have stated that the Disco 4 will be launching in Q1 of 2014. The Disco 4 will be on display at CES, so stay tuned to see if we can get some hands-on time with it to see how it compares to some of the other options on the market.

SuperTooth Debuts Disco4 at CES 2014 – Handheld Speaker with Tap-to-Pair NFC Technology & Bluetooth 4.0

Las Vegas – January 5, 2014 – SuperTooth, Bluetooth expert and world’s leading in-car speakerphone brand, debuts the Disco4 tonight at CES Unveiled – a handheld speaker featuring a comfortable carrying strap, Bluetooth 4.0 and tap-to-pair NFC technology.

“SuperTooth’s longstanding expertise in the Bluetooth space allows us to roll out the best new technology – such as NFC pairing – at the most affordable price,” said Yves Le Reun, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “Our products are designed to provide the best quality, most power and overall greatest value within their respective price points. This is why SuperTooth has built such a loyal following over the years, leading to partnerships with eminent brands like Acoustic Research, owned by Audiovox, and a 45% market share worldwide in the Bluetooth speakerphone space.”

Boasting 8 watts, a bass reflex system, and a lithium-ion battery that charges via USB, the Disco4 streams music wirelessly for 3-12 hours per 2 hour charge depending on the volume level. It has a 30 foot Bluetooth operating range, weighing in at just over a pound. The Disco4 is slated to launch in Q1 2014, price TBD.

Also on display at CES will SuperTooth’s range of audio (FREEDOM headset, DISCO TWIN, Disco and ARS60 speaker co-branded with Acoustic Research) and auto accessories (HD-VOICE, HD, Crystal and Buddy).

To make an appointment with Yves Le Reun, contact Jennifer Reiss at and stop by South Hall 4, booth #35831 at the Las Vegas Convention Center and CES Unveiled January 5th at Mandalay Bay, Level 3 South Seas Ballroom C.

To learn more about SuperTooth Bluetooth accessories, visit and follow SuperTooth on and Twitter @SuperTooth_Kits. Watch all of the SuperTooth videos here.

About SuperTooth

SuperTooth, headquartered in France, is a world leading manufacturer of Bluetooth speakerphones and portable accessories, with a presence in more than 50 countries. In 2004, SuperTooth created the concept of a Bluetooth speakerphone that could be clipped to a car’s sun visor providing hands-free phone call capability. Today the Bluetooth expert is continuing to pioneer audio accessories that are powerful, reliable and affordable, also integrating new NFC technology. SuperTooth owns its own factory, managing and operating the entire production and supply chain – from initial designs and concepts, to the manufacturing and packaging. For more information, visit, and @SuperTooth_Kits.

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  • FIRST, Disco is dead. Finally, I think this space is what I am really looking for at CES, a good wireless speaker system. I know it is gonna be a major purchase (as well as a TV) for me this year. Those things and a new phone.
  • I got the JLAB Crasher for Christmas. It's considerably cheaper than other equivalent systems (it's comparable to a Jambox), and the sound is surprisingly good. I used to have a Jambox (don't leave shit in your car in Chicago, kids) and the sound is just as good. Battery life is a little less impressive, though. Sent from my iPhone
  • While battery is not of the utmost concern, the 18 hours on that kinda scares me. I do not envision moving it all that much, but that is a bit light... It is gonna have to wait until July when the stuff we see next week starts to come out...
  • Yeah, that's kind of the thing for me. I travel several days a week for work, and I want a good BT speaker specifically for use in hotels. If there were one out there that promised really robust battery life, I'd pay a premium for it. I hate having more than just my phone and tablet to charge nightly in hotels.
  • You know, considering the size of the unit, they could easily integrate separate chargers for additional devices through it with one dedicated universal laptop charger. Perhaps they could even give it a real hub so that one could use with USB On-the-Go. I travel a lot, as well, and I see numerous possibilities. You've got me thinking...
  • You should check out the Bose mini. It is awesome imo
  • I like the NFC pairing feature. I hope that becomes more widespread in other types of devices. Sent from my iPhone
  • You like NFC pairing but sent your comment from an iPhone?
  • Mind blown! Posted via Android Central App
  • More like, "I feel pity for that iSheep."
  • Lawyered!
  • The UE boom has it to. Posted from my Nexus 7(2013).
  • No mention of the price? It looks like an awesome piece of kit, and I pick one up after reading some reviews.
  • I know this article is old, but they're now available for $50: AWESOME price.
  • I got the JLAB The Bouncer from Newegg for my Bday, $59.99 and I thought about getting 2 and should of. Awesome sound and bass, great replacement for the Blue Ant speaker it replaced that my wife paid almost $200 a few years back. Posted via Android Central App
  • Wonder how it compares on actual sound to the Bose Sound link Mini? Which for its size is the best so far. Posted via Android Central App