Stuffcool Napoleon review: India's first 65W GaN charger gets a lot right

Stuffcool Napoleon PD65W
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Bottom line: The Napoleon has a diminutive profile, offers two charging ports, and works with the USB Power Delivery standard. This is the ideal option for charging MacBooks, USB-C powered Windows notebooks, and phones.


  • +

    Reliable 65W charging over USB PD

  • +

    Dual charging ports (USB-C + USB-A)

  • +

    Diminutive size

  • +

    Great value


  • -

    Two USB-C ports would have been ideal

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India is the proving ground for battery and charging tech. A majority of India's populace uses phones not just for communication and staying connected but also for entertainment. That's why most phones sold in India feature large batteries, and over the last 18 months we've seen significant gains in fast charging — particularly in the budget segment.

The Realme 7 Pro, for instance, offers 65W fast charging for just ₹19,999 ($270). Charging tech comes under heavy scrutiny in India because most parts of the country don't have a stable power connection, so brands have to build overcharging and surge protection into their chargers.

There are plenty of aftermarket brands catering to charging accessories, and today I'm taking a look at a particularly interesting option from Stuffcool. The brand sells cables, chargers, power banks, and other accessories, and it has the distinction of launching India's first GaN charger, the Napoleon PD65W. There are plenty of great GaN chargers in other markets, but this particular category hasn't seen attention in India — that's changing with Stuffcool's latest product. The charger is now available for ₹3,599 ($50), so let's find out how it holds up in real-world use.

Stuffcool Napoleon What I like

Stuffcool Napoleon PD65W

Source: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

Traditional 65W chargers are big and bulky because they use silicon transistors, which are very affordable. But with fast charging going up to 100W and beyond, we're now at a point where silicon transistors just don't cut it anymore. That's where Gallium Nitride (GaN) comes in. Think of it as the next-gen successor to silicon-based chargers — GaN is a much more efficient material that transfers current several magnitudes faster than silicon.

GaN chargers are smaller and much more efficient than silicon alternatives.

That means GaN chargers are able to deliver higher voltages, and because of their efficiency, less energy is lost during the current transfer. Because of its efficiency, chargers based on GaN have a smaller footprint — they don't need as many components as their silicon counterparts.

Now that you have a high-level overview of GaN chargers, let's take a look at the Stuffcool Napoleon PD65W. The charger has a significantly smaller profile than regular 65W chargers, and it has a nice heft to it. The charger protrudes at the front where the dual-pin connector is housed, but other than that the form factor is ideally suited for travel.

The charger has two ports — a USB-C port that works over the USB Power Delivery 3.0 protocol and hits 65W (at 20V and 3.25A) and a USB-A port that goes up to 18W with Quick Charge 3.0. The USB-C port also offers PPS up to 45W (3.3V - 11V/4.05A and 3.3V - 21V/2.1A).

That's when you're using the ports individually; if you're using both ports simultaneously, the USB-C port is kicked down to 45W, with the USB-A still at 18W. The charger itself works from 100V to 240V and 50/60Hz. Here's the breakdown of the charging modes on offer:

  • USB-C (individual): 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/3.25A (Max 65W)
  • USB-A (Individual): 3.6V - 6.5V/3A, 6.5V-9.5V/2A, 9V - 12V/1.5A (Max 18W)
  • USB-C (simultaneous): 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/2A, 20V/2.5A (Max 45W)
  • USB-A (simultaneous): 3.6V - 6.5V/3A, 6.5V-9.5V/2A, 9V - 12V/1.5A (Max 18W)

Stuffcool Napoleon PD65W

Source: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

The Napoleon PD65W is perfect for charging MacBooks and Windows-based notebooks, and it also works just as well for phones. I used the charger with Xiaomi's 50W Mi 10 Pro — which charges over the PD protocol — and it was able to deliver a 50W charge consistently. Similarly, it hit 61W on the Mi Notebook Pro over USB-C.

The dual ports make it that much more convenient to charge a notebook and phone at the same time. I used the charger for just over a month and had zero issues either with charging a multitude of phones or two variants of the Mi Notebook Pro.

One point to note is that if you are looking to use 65W charging from the USB-C port, you'll need cables that can handle the load. The ideal option is Anker's PowerLine+; this cable is about the best you can buy today, it delivers consistent charging speeds and is built to last.

Stuffcool Napoleon What needs work

Stuffcool Napoleon PD65W

Source: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

My only issue with the charger is that it doesn't have two USB-C ports. Having switched to USB-C to USB-C cables for the most part, it would have been more convenient for my particular use case if the charger had two USB-C ports instead of a secondary USB-A port. That said, this option makes the charger that much more versatile if you need to plug in a MicroUSB cable.

Stuffcool Napoleon The competition

Stuffcool Napoleon PD65W

Source: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

The Stuffcool Napoleon is the first GaN charger in India, so it doesn't have any contenders. But if you are looking at multi-port options, the AMX XP60 is the ideal alternative. You get a USB-C port that goes up to 45W and three USB-A ports that charge at 17W.

If you need a charger for your notebook, the ₹2,799 CHOETECH 60W PD charger is an affordable choice, but you get a single USB-C charging port.

Stuffcool Napoleon Should you buy?

Stuffcool Napoleon PD65W

Source: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

You should buy this if ...

  • You want a GaN charger that can charge your notebook and phone simultanteouly
  • You need a travel-friendly design with excellent performance
  • You want two charging ports

You should not buy this if ...

  • You want a GaN charger with two USB-C ports

Overall, the Stuffcool Napoleon is a fantastic choice if you're looking for a GaN charger in India. It delivers 65W charging over the USB-C port and you have the ability to charge your notebook and phone at the same time via the secondary USB-A port. Combine that with a small form factor that's great for travel and you get a well-rounded option in this category.

4.5 out of 5

For ₹3,599 ($50), the Stuffcool Napoleon is just about the best charger you can buy if you're interested in taking a look at GaN charging tech.

Harish Jonnalagadda
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