YouTube TV lets you 'build a multiview,' and choose the sports you want

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What you need to know

  • Users on Reddit recently discovered a "build a multiview" option on YouTube TV, which lets them decide the sports games they'd like to watch.
  • No "cross-sport" option was found, meaning those watching a sports game can only customize the other screens with more games of that same category.
  • Google has allegedly confirmed this feature is on the way and will be available on all devices that support multiview.

A few sports game watchers have spotted a useful upgrade arriving on YouTube TV in a limited capacity — for now.

According to a user on YouTube TV's subreddit, they noticed a "built a multiview" option within the settings of the already existing multiview options (via 9to5Google). The user added that interacting with it allowed them to choose three additional games they'd like to add to their multiview.

Moreover, deciding which games you'd like to see in "build a multiview" appears to function across all sports, not just the NBA, as users spotted it during NCAA games.

More testing showed users aren't able to personally select a channel they'd like to add to multiview. There was no apparent "cross-sport" option, meaning users would be restricted to whatever selection YouTube TV offers within that scope.

However, it is a noteworthy improvement over Multiview's current randomizer for games to fill out your extra screens.

CordCutterNews spotted this same user report, and Google has allegedly confirmed to the publication that the feature is on the way for all devices that support multiview. When this will take place is still unknown.

Build a Multiview? Is this a thing now? from r/youtubetv

Last June, YouTube TV was spotted working on a way for users to watch news, weather, sports, and more in multiview. The feature would work across Android and Google TV devices, offering users a "pre-selected" cluster of streams for whichever category they are in. The rollout started this past summer, following the testing's discovery.

Users have continued to voice their displeasure with multiview's pre-selection of streams, which is now seemingly being changed in one way (at least) with "build a multiview."

In July, YouTube TV rolled out multiview streams for WNBA fans where users could catch a game (or more) on their Chromecast with Google TV, smart TV, or Amazon Fire TV stick.

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