Super Bowl TV deal: Our favorite Android TV has returned to the record low price of $898

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We've been keeping track of the best Super Bowl TV deals for the past few weeks, but when the overall best Android TV of 2022 gets a massive price drop, it deserves its own honorable mention. I'm talking, of course, about the Hisense U8H, an expertly-balanced and feature-packed smart TV that's currently seeing a whopping 36% discount at Amazon. 

This isn't the first time that the top-rated Android TV has seen a great discount (we've even written about it a few times before), but the price of the 65-inch version has never been lower than it is today. For just $898, you'll get an entertainment powerhouse that boasts a nearly bezel-less design, an ultra-smooth 120Hz native refresh rate, and 504 full array local dimming zones for brilliant images and color contrast. As a Hisense TV, the U8H also features the company's exclusive ULED 4K technology, which basically means it has intelligent hardware pre-installed to optimize color, contrast, and motion in real time. Suffice to say, unless you want to spend over $1,000, this Super Bowl TV deal is tough to beat. 

The overall best Android TV of 2022 has never been cheaper

Hisense 65" U8H Smart TV (2022):$1,399.99$898 at Amazon

Hisense 65" U8H Smart TV (2022): $1,399.99 $898 at Amazon

Currently boasting a 36% discount at Amazon, this 65-inch smart TV from Hisense delivers outstanding picture with immersive color, contrast, and stutter-free motion, thanks to 4K ULED technology, 504 local dimming zones, and a 120Hz native refresh rate with 480 motion rate. It's only the second time that the price of this particular model has dropped so low, so if 65 inches is your sweet spot, now's the time to buy.

Of course, the Hisense U8H isn't the most powerful or cutting-edge TV on the market, but when we're choosing the best device in any given category, we look for technology that's perfected the delicate balance between desirable specs and bang for the buck. The U8H isn't without flaws, but it ticks nearly all of our boxes and sits comfortably in that Goldilocks zone, particularly when you pair it with a discount like this one. 

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