Roku's Pro Series TVs borrow a cool idea from Samsung's The Frame

Roku TV updates
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What you need to know

  • Roku's latest TV lineup, the Roku Pro Series, features a Mini-LED backlit panel, 120Hz refresh rate, and 4K display with enhanced image processing.
  • Available in 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch sizes, the Roku Pro Series is now accessible through major retailers like BestBuy, Amazon, and Walmart.
  • The package includes a remote control with backlit buttons and AI picture improvements.
  • The Roku Pro Series introduces a remote finder feature, a first for Roku TVs, that allows users to locate their remote easily.

Roku has finally released its newest TV lineup, the Roku Pro Series. The company says the new model offers the line's best picture quality yet and can seamlessly fit into any home setup.

Unveiled at CES in January, these new smart TVs boast a Mini-LED backlit panel with a 120Hz refresh rate and beefed-up image processing. They also have a 4K panel in a slim 1.9-inch shadowbox frame. The Mini-LED backlighting amps up the contrast and highlights, while HDR10+ and Dolby Vision IQ ensure top-notch HDR support.

This fresh set is now available in 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch sizes and is hitting store shelves at major retailers like BestBuy, Amazon, and Walmart. The 55-inch model costs $899, the 65-inch model $1,199, and the 75-inch version $1,699.

The package includes what seems like a major upgrade: a remote control with backlit buttons (you can snag it separately for other TVs for $29) and AI picture improvements.

Like some leading TV brands, the Roku Pro Series is expected to deliver a brighter image and improved contrast than Roku's more budget-friendly Plus Series and Select Series.

AI-powered picture adjustments

These TVs are designed to do all the heavy lifting for you, automatically fine-tuning and optimizing their picture and brightness according to the scene and content being shown. Roku dubs this feature "Smart Picture Max."

There's a slightly less sophisticated version, called Roku Smart Picture, which is slated to roll out to all Roku TVs in a future OS update.

The Roku Pro Series ships with a nifty remote finder feature too. Just hit a button on the TV, and your remote will start making noise wherever it's hiding. While this same handy feature is already available on certain Roku streaming devices and the Roku Voice Remote Pro, it's a first for Roku TVs to include a dedicated finder button.

Watch out Samsung

Another standout feature worth mentioning is Backdrops, which serves as a decorative background when your TV isn't in use, much like Samsung's The Frame. With Backdrops, you can pick from a range of artwork or even upload your own family photos to personalize your space. This feature will soon roll out to other Roku TVs and streaming devices in the coming months.

On the audio front, there's more intelligence at play as well. The Roku Soundstage Audio makes the most out of its side-firing speakers, which also boast Dolby Atmos support.

With all these features, the Roku Pro Series seems ready to compete with the leading Android TV models from Hisense and TCL. It'll be interesting to see how the Roku Pro Series compares to other eagerly awaited smart TVs set to hit the market this year in terms of price and performance.

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