NVIDIA Shield TV update brings a ton of bug fixes for audio, storage and more

Nvidia Shield TV Review
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What you need to know

  • NVIDIA has released a new update to all Shield TV devices.
  • The latest update fixes a lot of bugs and added a few enhancements, including a new power control option.
  • It also includes fixes for the Shield TV app on Android phones and more.

The NVIDIA Shield TV is pretty much an old streamer, but that doesn't stop NVIDIA from pushing updates to the device. The latest one includes a host of bug fixes for audio, video, storage, Android app, accessories, and more.

NVIDIA's Shield Experience 9.1.1 update is now available to all of its best streaming devices, including the Shield TV and its Pro sibling. A notable change is the addition of a power control option that enables the device to wake when the TV input is switched to Shield.

There are also new developer options for improving HDMI-CEC volume control for AVR/soundbars and force-enabling Dolby Vision low latency if available. NVIDIA adds that the developer option menu has been reorganized to look a bit tidier.

On top of these improvements, the update includes a slew of bug fixes that address previous display issues. For example, you should now be able to view protected content when external storage is connected. Prior to the update, this type of content would not play under similar circumstances.

For the Android TV streamer's 2019 models, audio should now function normally. Previously, when Dolby Audio Processing was enabled, a bug caused audio to be missing until reboot and prevented it from playing at a faster rate.

The update also fixes a bug that previously made it hard to detect files on connected removable storage. In addition, mounting NAS using IP addresses for accounts with empty password should now work fine.

NVIDIA has also fixed a problem with the Shield TV app on Android phones that was preventing it from properly launching on Samsung Galaxy devices. The complete changelog can be found here.

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