Leaked Chromecast with Google TV remote suggests a successor may be on the way

Chromecast with Google TV HD remote on table
(Image credit: Andrew Myrick / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • A new Chromecast for Google TV remote was spotted in a quick video within the APK files for the Android TV 14 beta.
  • The quick video showcased a new star button which Google references as the "magic" button in the files.
  • Some subtle button placement differences with the remote were also spotted in the video.

It seems that a little teaser about what its next Chromecast remote for Google TV could look like slipped into a recent beta.

In rummaging through the APK files of the recently released Android TV 14 beta, 9to5Google discovered a video showcasing a new Chromecast remote. Though it is an outline, the shape of the device remains consistent with the current remote Google TV consumers have today. However, there is a noticeable difference in the appearance of the button layout, including one new button in particular.

According to the deep dive, Google is referencing this as the "magic" button. The video in question is likely a quick tutorial users can expect when hooking their device up for the first time, highlighting this button that could be used for custom shortcuts.

A video of the rumored new remote for Chromecast with Google TV showing a starred "magic" button.

(Image credit: 9to5Google)

Aside from the possible new addition, the rest of the remote seems to be in line for some additional changes. The new layout suggests front-facing volume keys could be in the cards, which are currently featured on the side of it the existing remote.

With only what we currently have to go off, the rest of the buttons are assumed to include the Assistant, back, home, and mute buttons, but it's not clear what else the new remote might include (the current remote has two app shortcuts for YouTube and Netflix). These are all, of course, lined up beneath the remote's usual circular directional pad.

The existence of a star (magic) button was first discovered in June when the Android TV 14 beta first dropped. It was suggested that the button could let users interact with their favorite apps outside of the ones featured on the remote.

What's more, this comes several months after a third Chromecast with Google TV dongle was discovered. It was spotted in an update preview for Google Home but, other than its codename (YTC), nothing else was found about the streaming device.

The APK deep dive doesn't show evidence pointing toward the remote and its connection to the rumored new Chromecast, but it could be safe to say they're one and the same. Google refrained from showing anything about a new streaming device during I/O 2023, and it's unlikely the brand is gearing up a reveal on October 4, but hopefully, the new device gets revealed sooner rather than later.

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