Sprint's Unlimited Plus plan saves you big money on multiple lines

Pixel 3a XL in-hand
Pixel 3a XL in-hand (Image credit: Android Central)

It might be time to switch to Sprint. Especially if you need a whole bunch of lines with a whole bunch of unlimited text and data. The Unlimited Plus plan is going to save you some money, and Sprint makes the switch as easy as possible. Just follow the instructions on the site if you already have a phone.

Right now with Unlimited Plus, you can save $20 a month with three to five lines plus get another $10 off per line if you bring your own phone or make a full phone purchase. That means you can get the single line service for $70, two lines for $120, three lines for $130, four lines for $140, and five lines for $150. On other plans, five lines would cost as much as $210 a month.

Naturally, being called Unlimited Plus, this plan already includes unlimited data, talk and text. The Plus side includes subscriptions to Hulu, a video streaming service, and Tidal, a music streaming service. Got to cover your audio and video needs. You'll also get a 50GB LTE mobile hotspot, and the unlimited data includes HD video streaming up to 1080p. You're even covered internationally with unlimited talk, text, and 10GB 4G LTE data while roaming in Canada or Mexico.

Sprint has a couple plans to choose from on Unlimited, though. For example, if you want to stream beyond 1080p you can upgrade to Unlimited Premium. It will cost a minimum of $10 more a month on one line and as much as $50 a month more for five lines. It actually comes with Amazon Prime, Lookout Premium Plus, and it's compatible with new 5G phones.

The Unlimited Basic plan saves you a lot more money since it's only $60 a month for one line and $100 a month for lines two through five. However, streaming is capped at 480p and the only additional benefit is a Hulu subscription.

Pick the plan that's right for you and get started with Sprint today!

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  • Will a Sprint phone even work in Europe?
  • Sprint does not even work in the USA
  • Lol it really doesn't. Sprint is trash.
  • At one time or another I've used all carriers and can't say any of them were great. Totally depends on your location. I will agree Sprint as well as Verizon had the worst customer service in my dealings. T Mo the best, never had a problem with At&t but they were really expensive during my time with them. Now, I show no loyalty. I jump around to the cheapest MVNO.
  • So true! Lol
  • Yes current Sprint phones work in Europe.
    They have the required GSM and LTE bands for Europe.
    Swap the sim with local sim and you are good to go
    FYI: You must call Sprint and unlock the phone before you bring it to Europe
  • Sprint has no coverage or signal here in the USA, the coverage map is fake. Been complaining to them for over 4 years and they keep saying working on it. That's why they are cheap. You get what you pay for. Not recommended at all for anyone to join Sprint.