Sprint's Nexus S 4G available today for $199 on contract

OK, all you boys and girls on Sprint -- the Nexus S 4G has finally arrived! You get the latest version of Android (that'd be Android 2.3.4, with the new Google Talk video chat), the promise of the latest updates, the "Pure Google" experience, all in a sleek, lightweight Samsung shell.

Oh, and Sprint's 4G Wimax data.

It's available today for $199 if you sign a two-year contract, or $549 if you want to skip such formalities. And remember that it's subject to Sprint's $10-a-month "premium data add-on" tax. But that's that price you've gotta pay. So, who's in?

Source: Sprint

Update: Best Buy's got it on sale for $150 on contract (opens in new tab).

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Phil Nickinson
  • I'm in!
  • I believe I am in. Going to stop by the store later today. Have the OG Droid, and am tired of Verizon not coming out with any vanilla android phones. Only problem is that my wife and oldest son want a phone with a physical keyboard. Would you suggest the EVO Shift? I am not quite sure about jumping ship from Verizon to Sprint, but really want the Nexus.
  • First check to see if you have good coverage in your area before you make the switch. Also i would suggest the Evo Shift but if you want a bigger and better screen go with the epic.
  • Both the EVO Shift and Samsung Epic are very good phones. IMO the Shift feels better made and many people like the HTC Sense interface. The Epic is larger which may be a plus or minus depending on personal preference (Shift is similar in size to iPhone--although thicker due to physical keyboard). Many people prefer the Epic screen for videos, but the Shift also has a nice sharp screen. I've had Sprint for 12 years and find reception is good. The everything plan includes roaming so you don't have to worry about being in areas where there isn't Sprint coverage. Just like the other carriers, there are occasional dropped calls. My son is on AT&T and has many more dropped calls than I do.
  • I had the shift for a month. Took it back due to problems with my work exchange email and HTCs email client. The shift was okay. Hoping the Nexus is better. My shift was much slower rendering web pages compared to my wife's stock evo. Might have just been that phone.
  • $150 is for new customers. Just got one. $199
  • Sigh. Too bad Sprint took away the early-upgrade on my account as of April.
  • I would check out these threads to see if perhaps there's some help for your situation: http://www.sprintusers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=219003
  • I had the EVO Shift and thought the keyboard was terrible, everytime you slide it out you hit the volume rocker, and it is very stiff. I now have the epic and love it.
  • If you do decide on the Nexus or any other Sprint smartphone, make sure you register for the port-in credit of $125 that Sprint is again offering 5/4/2011 thru 6/23/2011. http://www.sprint.com/landings/portcredit/?INTCID=CM3A021111%3APRO... Just make sure you register yourself for the credit within 72hrs of the actual port...
  • "The EVO Shift 4G is a powerful smartphone with a great physical keyboard, with the ability to use Sprint's high-speed 4G data. That is to say, it's right up there with the cream of the crop. There are no real surprises, just a solid, powerful Android smartphone." http://www.androidcentral.com/htc-evo-shift-4g-review Also like a post above said, you might want to check out the Samsung Epic: http://www.androidcentral.com/sprint-epic-4g-review
  • double post
  • I don't think the Shift has a front facing camera either. My wife had the Epic for 30 days and hated it. I can't stand Samsung's UI (touch wiz, or what ever it's called). The idea of a truly vanilla OS is appealing, along with the direct Google updates. The old HW is what kills the Nexus S for me, as I am holding out for a Tegra2 dual core handset. Not sure I would blow my yearly upgrade on this phone.
  • I made the jump from Verizon to Sprint last year (got an Evo) and I've been surprised how strong Sprint's networks is (I was scared at first too). If you're on the fence, I say give Sprint a chance. And its nice to see Sprint getting so many nice phones.
  • @cq: The Epic 4G might be a better choice vs. the Shift for a keyboard phone. More powerful, more options.
  • My first upgrade isn't due until December so I have a ways to go before I'd be able to do it anyway. If the Nexus S 4G screen is readable outside, I'd have to put this phone on my consideration list.
  • Woo-Hoo!! count me in :-)
  • @Gaberael - thanks for the input. Why do you like the Epic 4G over the Shift? I do like that it has a front facing camera, so my wife and I could video chat (not a huge deal though). Is Samsung getting better with updates? Which one has a better change to get a Gingerbread update?
  • I'm not Gab, but I also went with an Epic. The screen is absolutely gorgeous, and both will likely get Gingerbread. Rumors are flying, anyway, and Froyo --> Gingerbread is a lot easier to manage for Samsung/Sprint than Eclair --> Froyo. HTC, of course, will almost definitely upgrade the Shift. Anyway, the nicest things about each, from what I've gathered: Epic:
    Screen size
    Screen quality
    5 row keyboard
    Speed (Faster GPU for sure, the CPU is probably close either way)
    Front Facing Camera Shift:
    Battery Life
    You can run Cyanogen on it as it stands. (Epic is still in Alpha)
    HTC has a GREAT rep for updating their phones
    Slightly smaller, which is nice for people with smaller hands I've probably missed some things, but that's about it in a nutshell.
  • So you think the Shift is better for carnies?
  • Me personaly I see this is year old tech, yes it's a bad ass phone, but isn't it just an epic 4G without the keyboard. Gimme the EVO 3D!
  • It is an Epic 4G without the keyboard or Samsung "tweaks." It is also an Epic that will be updated to the latest Android OS faster than any non Nexus phone out there.
  • Got mine on Friday! Phone is PERFECT! Love the vanilla android!
  • Going to my BB Mobile today to pick up my preorder!!! Super excited!!
  • Price drop only for new customers, not upgrades or add ons.
  • Been up on it since December 2010.for tmobile...... gingerbread amd all that....old technology like the person above stated......but nice to see that sprint got hooked up phat with google...n for me ill try to get me an HTC Sensation when its out for tmobile!
  • I'm already in. Got mine on Friday! What a sweet device.
  • Hoping this phone will be unlockable/compatible with Verizon. Given the hugely superior Verizon service in my area -- believe me, I've tried ALL the available carriers -- combined with a 23% corporate discount, don't think I'll be switching providers any time soon. That being said, I'm looking for the clean aesthetic (ie no carrier/manufacturer stamping on the front of the phone). Despite my preference for Samsung -- as long as they're the only vendor using AMOLED, not too mention the wonderfully thin form factor -- I have no desire to have branding on my phone. Thank you to Google for recognizing this. Only wish their unbranded phones would be available on all networks!!
  • Agreed, but I don't think Verizon will ever carry a phone they can't sodomize and manipulate like a the Nexus S. Oh well, their loss.
  • I have to wait until tomorrow. :(
  • Going to pick mine up in a couple of hours from BB. I was going to buy it from a Sprint store but the Sprint employees acted like they didn't even know about the Nexus coming out. I had to explain it to them and after they looked it up in the computer they saw it. Needless to say I didn't want any part of that.
  • $149 at Best Buy today!! https://www.androidcentral.com/e?link=https2F2Flink...
  • Still $199 for uprade :(
  • Crap.
  • With an instant rebate or mail-in? I'd be willing to get it at BB just to skip the MIR.
  • Just order online and excited about the pure Google experience!!!
  • No LED indicator. fail.
  • Time to go pick one up now
  • Love the phone but I'll wait to see what the next one will be.
  • I am happy for my fellow sprint users who do pick up the Nexus S4g it's a great device for sprint. Myself I am waiting for the Htc Evo 3d that will be best on sprint for 2011 so I will wait time is real close for them to make their announcement on the release date. I just might give inn and go to best buy to reserve mines...
  • dude dont wait...week battery life! ive had the evo for a year & the 3D is gonna be worse. HTC have not figured out power & battery balance. Just 2 cents.
  • I snatched one up this afternoon. I'm a little sad to leave Palm's WebOS, but just had enough of waiting for decent hardware - if Sprint even gets new Palm hardware at all. Regardless, I'm happy to jump in the Android pool. Now, if I can just figure out how to do anything on it...
  • Agreed, WebOS is sweet.. it was hard for me to leave it as well, especially with all the "tweaks" that we were able to apply, hopefully they can make a comeback with the Pre3. But for now I'm on the HTC EVO 4G from Sprint and am enjoying it... :-)
  • I'm waiting on Sprint to get the Pre3 as well.
    I had a Pre and liked it, but was drawn to Android after my wife got an Epic. Now, I'm still a fan of WebOS, but waiting on current gen hardware.
    My Evo is rather cool, though. I'm enjoying loading different builds like CM7 and or MikMik's work.
  • Just got mine today. So excited to have the Pure Google Experience! Just jumped from Verizon after 11 years. Hopefully Sprint and Google will continue to keep a close relationship.
  • I would definitely be interested and probably would get this phone if Sprint hadn't changed their upgrade policy (DANG IT)! Oh well thats my only complaint about Sprint so I guess I will just wait till first part of next year and see what is out then maybe the Nexus S 2 or something similiar
  • Got mine today! i was tired of the evo not having great battery life! completely happy. mmmmm...pure google! Laurel, MD walked in at open no line...no wait, 3 people buying boost mobile! =p
  • Do you really think that your battery life will much different than your EVO? I've been quite happy with my EVO and thankful that it isn't a Samsung product. Hope you enjoy it.
  • just got mine from bb today for free. came from the evo and i am loving it!!
  • All this means to me.... here comes the evo 3d!!! ;-)
  • Picked mine up today. Pros: Screen, shape, battery life, Internal Storage of 1GB + 16GB, Free Hotspot (so far), Faster than my EVO4g. Cons: Poor reception, WiFi issues, No expandable memory, media volume not as loud through headphones as the EVO4g which I thought was not loud, email client not as good as HTC's, lack of widgets, glossy case that scratches, no led. I was aware of most of the cons before I purchased it except for WiFi and average antenna. I will still keep this over my EVO for the speed, battery life, latest android software and outdoor viewability.
  • The Nexus S 4G was the only other phone that I would consider outside my iPhone 4. Having a vanilla OS experience is something special.
  • If this is the vanilla Android OS experience, what would chocolate be like??
  • If it's about having a vanilla experience then you can get just about any phone you want. With root you can load custom ROMs that give you the vanilla OS experience. But you first need to get out of the iphone prison you currently reside in! ;-)
  • Lack of a notification light is inexcusable. And we're done here.
  • There's always something that's a deal breaker! Why can't we get a complete phone with the HW and SW we want! I think cell phones need to go to more of a PC style build to order process. Let me pay as much $$ as I want for the HW and SW I want. One day they will figure it out...
  • You could always make your own cell phone so that you're happy with it :p (not trying to be a jerk, just trying to be funny....haha)
  • Why does Sprint require customers to sign a 2-year contract even after having purchased a phone at full retail value? In my case, an HTC EVO 4G. I've spoken with several Sprint customer service reps, and none can provide me with any concrete reason other than, "That's just how it is." I asked for literature to be mailed to me and/or an internet link that explained this policy, but none of the Sprint reps could provide me with either. Needless to say, it's very frustrating to spend money to own a phone outright, but still be required to be bound to a 2-year contract. I realize I should have done some research before purchasing a Sprint phone at full retail value, but I didn't. I assumed I would just be able to do month-to-month service like I did with Verizon. This also happened to a friend of mine who lives in Los Angeles. He also purchased an HTC EVO 4G at full retail value, but was asked to sign a 2-year contract in order to activate voice/text/data service. He refused, returned the phone, and remains an AT&T customer.
  • If you were already a Sprint subscriber, you probably could've just done an ESN swap without renewing your contract (I've done it several times), but T-Mobile (which has a 3G Nexus S) is the only carrier I know of that lets you have a month-to-month plan (Even More Plus) without first being a subscriber. You have AFAIK, on Verizon, Sprint and AT&T, you can only be month-to-month after your contract has expired.
  • @Gameboy70 - Thanks for the reply. In my haste, I just assumed since I bought the HTC EVO 4G at full retail value, I'd be able to bypass the 2-yr contract requirement. I quickly learned the error of my ways. I just checked with Verizon, and the rep on the phone simply said "It's not legal for us to have you sign a 2-yr contract if you bought the phone at full retail value." In the future, I'll do more research before handing over $500+ for a phone. Live and learn.
  • Had I not been trying to save every penny possible for other things I would so go to my Sprint store to buy one off contract!!
  • What happens when you try to turn on the wifi hotspot that is built into Android? Does it work? I had heard somehow Sprint is going to charge you to use it which means the OS isn't stock if they are somehow doing that.