Sprint coverage tool

Sprint has updated their coverage map tool with a nifty new feature that allows you to filter 4G coverage by device. This is needed, because Sprint now (or will soon) uses two different types of 4G tech, and not everyone out there understands or knows the difference. The concept is solid -- pick your device or log in to your Sprint profile, and 4G coverage will be filtered for either WiMax or LTE, depending on your phone. Damn good idea, and it's done nicely.

The problem is that this went live with no LTE network in service yet. It's another reminder that your 4G LTE phone won't be seeing any 4G LTE speed just yet, and you're left struggling with Sprint's 3G service. I can't help but think this should have been held back until a couple orange dots were there to populate the maps.

Sprint, we love you. You were pioneers of digital communication, and for a long time the de-facto standard for cellular service here in the US. That's probably why it stings to see the current shape of your network -- we remember when you were on top. We know you're working on things and spending money to bring yourselves back to your former glory, but please stop reminding us that you're not there just yet. If you're curious to see the new interface, and are OK with seeing where your new LTE phone won't be connecting to any LTE network, hit the link and have a look.

Sprint Nationwide Coverage ; via Sprint Community forums