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Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab reduced to $199.99 come April 3

If you're either not really feeling the price, size or carrier for the Motorola Xoom the Samsung Galaxy Tab is still a viable option if you're looking to buy into an Android tablet. Sprint we can only assume, is hoping you feel the same way as new information shows they'll be dropping the price on their contracted Samsung Galaxy Tab devices.

Right now, it'll cost you $299.99 on a new two-year contract but if you can hold out until April 3 you'll be able to pick one up for $199.99. If no contract is more to your liking it looks as though the Suggested Retail Price is getting a drop as well, so you can grab one no-contract for $429.99. [Engadget]

  • That's what iam talking about!!
  • too bad it's not $199 w/o a contract
  • Imo, its not the best tablet all. Ha!
  • Flyer must be coming out soon.
  • I have it, and would recommend it to anyone interested in a tablet. The price is excellent, and 2 gigs of data with unlimited messaging for $30 a month is solid. I think the size is perfect for carrying around and it runs great. Plus the battery lasts surprisingly well, compared to the Epic I had before it. So if you're interested in a tablet, get it. Unless you don't mind waiting till this summer for the View, which also looks nice.
  • Verizon has had there's priced for that at least three or more weeks. Great deal for anyone.
  • I picked one up from Sprint last week and picked up a wifi Xoom a couple of days ago. While some features on the Xoom are nicer it's buggy as Hell for me. Web pages on the same wifi connection are loading at the same time and the same flash videos are actually loading and begin playing before the Xoom. The Xoom is better on the couch, but the Sammy is way more portable to take on the go. The Xoom browser and apps crash on me often and it's pretty frustrating. $200 vs $600 is a huge difference and the benefits of Honeycomb aren't worth that kind of loot to me, anyway.
    I'm keeping the Galaxy Tab and going back for my refund of the $100 difference and the Xoom is heading back home to Staples tomorrow. While it kills the Galaxy Tab on paper it's not ready quite yet.
    Galaxy Tab is a great little tablet for the money and the plan won't break the bank.
  • I do want to get a tab soon (read: ASAP) and think that's a great price! Unfortunately, I don't want to be locked into a contract as I see myself getting the Flyer when it comes out. I'm not above spending $429 to get this off contract :)
  • Can u imagine how many they would have sold at this price. They should have taken the low price high volume approach.
  • I walked in the store on launch date and not one had been sold...I start playing with the Samsung Tablet and it froze! Then i tried to go to a website i was sitting there for 3 minutes waiting for it to load. Not to mention all the apps i have for my EVO i go through review to see people complaining asking why the app is not working on the samsung tablet. The xoom was just to heavy and expensive...I thought i was holding a brick.