Sprint rumored to update Samsung Moment to Android 2.1 starting Feb. 22

File this under "unofficial" for now, but we're getting word on dates for Sprint to update the Samsung Moment, which at current is still running Android 1.5. And even better is that the update reportedly may be Android 2.1, and not merely 2.0 as Sprint told us earlier.

The first wave is said to begin Feb. 22, and you'll have to visit a Sprint store to actually get the upgrade. A pain, yeah. But it also keeps you close to home should anything untoward happen.

The second upgrade wave is said to be on March 8, and that one will be pushed out over-the-air. Thanks, anon.

  • Hell yeah it's about time. This poor phone seems so neglected but it's gaining some love slowly. This should add to the already solid experience that my wife is having with her Moment. I have been living the Android dream vicariously thru her phone. Now all I need is confirmation on when the HTC Incredible is set to be released so I can dump my BlackBerry Storm ;)
  • And watch them get it before VZW and the Droid.
  • I think you forgot to add your sarcasm tag. I'm sure you're aware, the Samsung Moment launched before the Droid so for it to receive the 2.1 update first would make sense. That is taking into consideration they both run stock android without a custom UI (only customization is proprietary app's, drivers, ECT). Which explains the delay for devices like the Hero which run a custom UI. If anything, wouldn't the Samsung Moment people be the ones complaining since they purchased their Android device running 1.5 then 5 days later another carier launched a device with 2.0? :) No, I dont own the Moment, just being the voice of reason.
  • That is sound reasoning, but if that were the case the MyTouch would already be getting Android 2.1 a month ago.
  • Well actually we moment owners are stoked our procesors are faster I think once 2.1 rolls around we will have our "Moment" in the sun pun intended we have the fastest phones this side of the Snapdragon
  • eh the droids 568 beats our 800 different processor architecture bro
  • That different architecture line for the droid is a myth. The Moment processor is better than the Droid's. The Droid may be newer but the overclocking has the Moment running potentially (it wont actually until the update) faster. The Droid runs better currently because of Android 2.0 but that will change shortly when Moment gets updated to 2.1.
  • Any rumors on what this will add to the Moment? (i.e. multitouch?)
  • Any other Samsungs getting the update? (Behold2)
  • Please tell me the Hero is also being considered in this update. Technically, it should have been due before the Moment.
  • Though the Hero came out first, the Moment has less customizations and therefore less testing. I'd be surprised if the Moment update did NOT come before the Hero update.
  • Yay!!!!!!!! I love my moment and this will only make it better!!! go sprint!!!
  • if the Droid doesn't its update before this, it will be a sad day for Droid
  • Oh boy, now the moment owners and sit around and speculate and assume with the droid owners.
  • Now to hope Sprint does a better job with the repair center updates than they have with the maintenance update they began offering last month.
  • This excites me. I think this will hold me over until my upgrade, or till whenever the supersonic or legend or whatever else is released. :)
  • will this have any further fixes to the dismal battery life? I still can't get over 6 hours standby, even after the CL14 update and replacing the phone!
  • That's weird, really. I'm in the Baltimore blizzard. It was out there with me all day and it lasted till the next morning with 9 phone calls and Facebook Widget along with a few others sitting in the bg.
    WE do need a list of 'battery zapping apps and widgets'.
    Turn off some of your apps and turn them on one by one.
    This can be done by killing them with a Task Killer App.
    Also, remove your widgets and try bringing them back up. Some widgets sit in memory after you take them off move them to trash AND run the Task Killer again (take your pick of the dozen of them)
    I killed NFL Widget immediately.
    The Earthquake App seems not to be a problem.
    Newsrob widget is NOTORIOUS among me and my friends as a battery killer.
    As is Executive Asstistant.
    Yet Facebook widget, CNN and BBC Widgets and several others run and i'm good all day. I'm about to learn Java programming and will have my own app skeleton and practice apps by end of summer. I'm really curious how some of these zap juice. I am imagining they just keep an open connection too much and poll bluetooth constantly. I'm not really sure. But, some of the apps and widgets just zap energy. That's the problem. The Phone is fine. 2.1 is supposed to be able to manage the apps resources better. I'm hoping so.
  • I regularly get a full day of use on my Moment. Actually, if you include the non-use overnight, I get at lease a day and a half before requiring recharging.
  • And I just swapped out for a Hero...ugh.
  • Anyway to verify this???
  • Can the Droid eris get some love plz?
  • now what about the FUCKING HERO ???
  • Rumor has it that it's coming to the Hero in March
  • The hero is too underpowered to even power 1.5 with the sense UI... I dont even think it should get an update without a new release of the phone with more updated hardware.
  • What does that even mean....people are running custom 2.1 roms, so that makes no sense.
  • The update to 2.1 improves overall efficiency. Having a slower processor running Sense UI over an existing poor efficiency OS creates problems. Running the Sense UI over a higher efficiency OS would then result in better performance of the phone.
  • This great news. That software update solved the battery problem and this upgrade will make for a better Android experience and more apps. I know I sound like a shill, but the Moment is the best phone I've ever had after a string of Blackberrys. I love Android but also the call quality, which I don't think enough people talk about with this phone.
  • let the count-down begin...
  • when apple releases an update every1 gets it, apple is on point with everything, they take care of their customers and have a good product to match, google needs to step their game up, its retarded that phones are running all different versions of android. all phones should get the latest update of android the exact day it comes out from google its ridicules that they get them 6months later with the exceptions sense and motoblur. it really makes me think about apple, i am thinking about joining the cult. oh yea and i thought i was cool playing games on android meanwhile the person next to me is playing gta on his iphone FML.
  • Google is not following apple. Android is more like windows. There is no way google can update every phone because they are not in control of the hardware. Same goes for windows. This is a negitive of the multi-platform stratagy. At the same time, there are also positives of the multi-platform strategy such as inovation, prices and choice.
    The iphone will probably always be around now but in the end, android will be the larger platform and platform of choice because of its broader reach.
  • Google released the 2.1 source tree for everyone. If you don't have it yet, it's either your carriers fault, or your own.
  • YES! I do not like that I have to go into the store, but I will take it.
  • I juss wanna be able to play polarbit games with it's full potential and a faster UI.... I love my moment but but id love it more if it had better graphics performance with the update... when is the next HTC phone going to be released for sprint... I have an extra line with an upgrade and I'm gonna get it... gonna use moment for txts and lyrics writing and htc supersonic or watever for everything else such as internet browsing.... I heard it is gonna be snapdragon 4.3 in display with 4g speeds
  • Any word on the eris?
  • I don't know why you morons come on here and ask about updates for other phones. Go to your forums and search/post there. This obviously isn't the place to do it. kthx
  • Amen.
  • I'm totally excited to get the 2.1 update and I hope this "rumor" is true! I bought my Moment the 1st day it came out and I love it more all the time. I can't wait to see how the 800mhz processor works with the update. Not to thrilled about going to the store to get the update, but I won't complain too much, I'm just happy we're getting close to what we've all been wanting. Thanks Sprint!
  • Once this update hits, and a little time goes by to make sure it works, I think I'll finally be upgrading to the Moment. It's about time Sprint had something close to state of the art.
  • Any chance this will help on battery life? That is my only real complaint with the Moment.
  • The battery life issue was already addressed with the maintenance update from last month. http://community.sprint.com/baw/thread/26322?featured=true The only problem is there had been mixed results in getting that update as it is not yet available OTA, it wipes phone data, and there have been reports from various users that their local sprint repair centers have been incapable of performing it or simply didn't know about the thing.
  • I think, it soon will definitely come out. Sammy announced a new android phone in Korea early this month, and they have ported new android ver.2.1 on it. It almost has same spec as Moment except it does not have no qwerty pad and it has bigger amoled screen. (3.7" to be exact). It supports more of video files. It runs on arms cortex a 800mhz. Just like Moment. Hope the rumour is real. We will find out soon.
  • On the Sprint community this has been blown off as not happening, and the March date for the Hero is the Euro Hero not the Sprint Hero.
  • do you have a link for that? I'm having issues finding it for some reason.
  • Idk about you guys but ever since cl14 my moments battery has been running flawlessly... I get a good 14 hours of battery life on my moment... what I think you should is take it back and get another one if yours is only running 6 hours on standby!!!
  • If you are having trouble with the battery on the Moment, you either have a bad battery...or more likely, one or more apps that are starting and sucking the power. Get spare parts from the market. Charge your battery full and then remove the moment from the charger. Put the phone is sleep mode (red end key) and wait about a half hour and see what % the phone was running during sleep. If it is more that a couple %, some app is not shutting down, thus sucking the life out of the moment. I take mine off the charger and can run 8 hours on just 10% battery useage. If I play around on the phone, I get between 22-36 hours on a charge. I DONT keep background app services or gps running. I do check to see if the phone is sleeping correctly. I DONT auto push anything. I sync when I want to...it only takes a sec. I DO leave WiFi on all the time (if you have the rooted version of the CL14 kernel, they have written in a feature that causes the WiFi to sleep in sleep mode.) I have discovered times when my phone was in sleep mode and after a Spare Parts check, it was running 50-100% of the time. In each case, it was an app doing it. Spare Parts will also give you clues as to which app is the problem. I just use advanced app killer and go in and kill everything, let the phone reset itself (not reboot) and then it sleeps fine.
  • It ABSOLUTELY is true. The Samsung moment is 2.1 ready as of RIGHT NOW. The only reason Sprint is waiting for release is because they are having issues with the HTC Hero. Both phones are scheduled to release for 2.1 on the same day. Sprint has told it's employees to not announce any dates due to the Hero issues, but HAS advised it's employees that Feb 22 is the estimated date.
  • THIS IS NOT TRUE NO 2.1 They are releasing the software to update your phone to CL14 at home instead of at the store. Everyone needs to chill.
  • Post 39! http://community.sprint.com/baw/thread/26935?start=30&tstart=0&reqsortin...
  • So will I have to go to a repair center 100 miles away to get the update or just a retail store?
  • there is no exact date yet im just anxious my brother nexus1 is ridiculos cant wait for mines to be just as sick
  • Should have asked them to transfer you to retention. Theyre the ones that are tasked with keeping you as a customer. So theyre more likely to get you what you want.
  • On 2/15/2010 Took my Moment to the Sprint Service Center for the software upgrade because my Nascar Mobile wouldn't work with out the upgrade. I had to wait a few weeks first for the center to be set up for it. He starts the upgrade and there are problems right from the beginning. Then the phone crashes. Seems when I bought the phone three months ago it had an older version of the CL software and the new version crashed the phone as it was trying to update. Was told that a lot of the older version CL's on the Moment are crashing. So now the phone has to replaced and I am going to be stuck with a refurbished phone. The store already ordered one. What annoys me is the refurbished part. I brought a new phone in for a simple software upgrade and now am going to be stuck with a refurbished phone. I can see if I broke the phone and needed to replace it under insurance, then I would have no choice but to get the refurbished phone. I did nothing wrong and now I am stuck. Seems very unfair on Sprints part. I was on the phone last night with Sprint for a total of 1 hour and 35 minutes about this. Was passed on and on to different people five times and had to repeat the story as many times. I even got one guy that insisted that the upgrade could have been done via the phone itself and there was no need to go to the service center, after awhile he didn't believe what I was telling him about why you couldn't do it that way he went and got a Moment and told me about the upgrade button in the phone settings. So I told him to press it, there was silence for a few seconds then he admitted I was right. Then I was passed to a manager of acct management. All I kept being told was that I have insurance and will get a refurb phone. Then they pass me to Samsung itself. They tell me to send the phone in for repair cause it is under warranty. Not happening. I want a damn NEW PHONE. That is what I had when I went to get the upgrade, not a broken phone, A NEW PHONE. I am so hot over this. It just is not right how Sprint is taking care of this.
  • Hey, I'm just curious if theres been any update on this. I just got my Moment a few days ago. I'm still running Cupcake (1.5) and theres been talk of upgrading to 1.6 and sometime soon even 2.1. Can someone confirm/deny if I am supposed to be running 1.6? And if I am, how I go about updating the device? Thanks!
  • No 1.5 is current until the 2.1 update. Which should be sometime around April 9th 2010
  • just talked to a sprint representative about the update... 14:29:05 : Nicole S: Let me explain you that when ever your phones requires a update then you will receive a link to update your phone through a text message automatically. 14:30:01 : casperkid: i understand that but we have been waiting for months for the android 2.1 update and is there any information on that specific update 14:32:27 : Nicole S: It will be coming in the next week. 14:32:56 : casperkid: really? has there been a press release about this yet? i did not see one 14:34:33 : Nicole S: Yes, I am sorry but there is no press release about this. so it is confirmed it will be here in the next week.
  • 2 weeks later, no update yet. csr i chatted with said to check website weekly for updates. http://shop.sprint.com/en/software_downloads/index.shtml?ECID=vanity:dow...
  • i just spoke to sprint and they said to wait 2 ti 3 weeks because the camera feature has a problem and they are fixing it and they will launch androd 2.2