Sprint releasing WiMAX device by summer, HTC Supersonic anyone?

It looks like Sprint is planning on launching their first WiMAX equipped phone by this summer. Speaking with Forbes, Sprint said that they're launching a WiMAX device in the first half of this year. Remember, WiMAX is 4G and Sprint's WiMAX network has been rolling out for some time now. A device to take advantage of Sprint's WiMAX network was bound to be released, this new timeframe is just a few months earlier than expected.

But what device could it be? Forbes cites the HTC Supersonic, which we've seen multiple times at Android Central in renders and product roadmaps and it would make a lot of sense. HTC has a good relationship with Sprint (it was the first carrier of the HTC Hero) and typically dabbles in top-of-the-line technology (Snapdragon, HD2) and plus, the name Supersonic could not be more fitting.

We'll likely find out more in the near future but in the mean time, just know that 4G is coming and an Android device being the first to use all that speed is a very real possibility.

[via engadget]

Casey Chan
  • this must be divine intervention cause I was goon go ahead and get the hero next week cause I am so tired of the Pre and I want an andriod so badd. Well I guess I can wait till June
  • The device will be similar to the HTC HD2 and equipped with 4.3-inch display and fast processor (that still remains unknown) integrated into a really thin body. The HTC Supersonic will be running Android 2.1 and HTC Sense interface. Although rumors suggest it will run the 3.0? Interesting! More details: http://pinoytutorial.com/techtorial/htc-supersonic-concept-phone-coming-...
  • I hope that it's more reliable than my Hero. I am on my third one!
  • Summer is when my upgrade is!! Now....to hope and pray it works on dual 3G/4G bands, then I'll be set. :)
  • it does.
  • I'm seriously debating this or the N1 on Verizon. I really like the appeal of 4G, but I REALLY like the appeal of the N1's carrier-less upgrade path. I am really annoyed HTC/Sprint are dragging their feet so badly on the Hero's update to 2.1, and would love to have Google be the only one in charge of my updates... Especially with all of the issues the Hero still has (lag, sms not coming in when phone idle, ...)
  • So my upgrade won't be until October, but I want this anyway. What's a good way to get this without paying full price WITHOUT cheating Sprint? Do they have a buyback program? Are there any places where I can sell my Hero for a good price? There's always Craigslist, but I want options! What have you all done in the past to upgrade to a new phone before your carrier contract upgrade?
  • Ive sold a lot of phones on ebay. As long as they are relatively new, they sell for a good price there. It won't cover the full price of the phone, but its a nice chunk.
  • My upgrade is this summer. Say goodbye Pre..... Hello android. This would be a real nice first android experience to have this device!
  • This phone looks sick! Problem is Clearwire hasn't hit LA yet... I'm also looking forward to that new Free International Call service... http://www.callarc.com D-