Sprint OTA update for all current HTC Android phones now available, fixes data storage privacy issue

Sprint has announced that an OTA (over the air) update is now available for all current HTC Android phones on their network, specifically the HTC EVO 4G, the HTC EVO Shift 4G, the HTC View 4G, the HTC EVO 3D, the  HTC EVO Design 4G, and the HTC Wildfire S.  They say they worked closely with HTC after news of the data mishandling by HTC phones was brought to light, and now offer a solution for all affected phones.  Like every OTA, they will be going out in waves -- if you don't get it today, you will shortly.  To manually check for the update, go to Settings >System updates > HTC software update > Check Now, and if the update is available for you it will begin the download and installation process. 

We still want to remind you to always watch what applications you install.  When your smartphone is as powerful as the desktop PC's we used 5 years ago, they are susceptible to the same security issues.  Be safe, not sorry.

Source: Sprint

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Glad I use cm7 and don't concern myself with updates anymore. Come on cm8!!!
  • CM8 is reserved for Honeycomb, the next update to CM will CM9 once the ICS source code drops. In the meantime, I've read that you can remove the "htcloggers.apk" from /sys. I haven't tried it yet myself, but I probably will. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1289597
  • I thought Google had pretty much established they were never going to open source Honeycomb.
  • Not sure, but I suppose that's why we won't be seeing a CM8. Maybe what I wrote was off. What I meant was no CM8, so we're jumping from CM7 to CM9 per an article I read earlier.
  • I must say that in terms of the manufacturer > carrier > user, this is a quick turn around for a fix. That is of course if you count from the time the news broke.
  • Can I update if I'm rooted? Will this affect root?
  • Who cares? Where is Honeycomb for View 4G?! That's what I want to know.
  • Lol ^
  • How bout cm9.......
  • Sad how they all are the same phones if you really think about it haha
  • Evo View 4g: 7' Tab. 1.5 GHz single core, Sense 2.1, 1GB Ram,
    Evo 4G: 4.3" WVGA 1GHZ Single core, 8 mpx, 720p, Sense 1.6, 512MB RAM
    Evo Shift4g: 3.6" WVGA, 800MHZ Singlecore, 5mpx, 720p,Sense 1.6, 512MB
    Evo 3d: 4.3" qHD, 1.2Ghz dual core, 3D-5 Mpx, 720p, sense 3.0,1GB RAM
    Evo Design, 4" qHD, 1.2Ghz SingleCore, 5px, 720p, Sense 2.1, 768MB RAM
    Wildfire S, 3.2' HVGA, 600 mhz, 5mpx, 720x480, Sense 2.1, 512MB RAM
    Similar yes, the same, no. Althought the 3D, Shift, and Design have pretty much the same top ridge
  • The Design runs Sense 3.0 BTW...
  • really? surprising considering running a single core chip
  • Yea. I checked the other say. It most certainly does. I don't believe a dual core is needed for Sense 3.0. I was under the impression it doesn't even use both chips on the 3D.
  • Since when did Sprint have the Wildfire S?
  • Virgin Mobile does
  • How about an update so i can view the NFL SUNDAY TICKET on my evo 3d on a 3g network???
  • Take that up with direct tv
  • Agree on the view update wtf. They commented back on fb thy they were indeed still committed to getting hc on it but as usual no time frame. Seriosuly personally find the android method of realeasing software fooalish. The software should just be the same regardless of carrier or brand and anything else should be optional download iin the carrier or manufacturers own private section. When I just spent 500 bucks on a tablet and I expect to see an update asap. I hope Google gets their shit together and figures out a way that android can be running on all devices released in at least the last 12 months within a reasonable timeframe after the code is released. Love the hardware and the openness but really sick of the update BS.
  • Pretty good news. Hitting the update button now. :-D
  • I have a friend who wants me to root his OG evo. Will this prevent rooting?
  • What is the HTC EVO Design 4G never heard of it, when did Sprint announce this device.
  • Question...If I haven't upgraded to GB because of software conflicts and other issue that I have read about, can I do the update without going through the GB update first? Thanks.
  • Thanks Sprint... You finally got me to bite the bullet and switch to Cyanogen ;-)
  • Me and my friends got HTC update last night, and now YouTube doesnt work,videos won't play.anybody else with this problem?
  • I just checked & youtube works fine for me
  • I regret really bad to download the update it came with more bugs than fixes
    Was on the phone and tried to hang up and I want able to I had to make a reset