Sprint Navigation now available for the Nexus S 4G

We all love the fact that the Nexus S 4G came free of carrier bloatware and foolery, but there are a great many of you who prefer Sprint's branded version of Telenav to Google's navigation.  And you're in luck -- Telenav and Sprint have released Sprint Navigation for the Nexus S 4G, and dropped it in the Android Market to make it easy to install.  Just hit the "Sprint" tab in the Market app on your phone, and you'll see it in the list.  We wish there was a place where all carrier apps were done this way, but even Sprint Navigation can't find one.

Thanks, Richard1864!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • That's great - for some reason, Google Nav drops me in the wrong place about 10% of the time. It's out just in time, as my Nexus is in the mail. :)
  • If I install this, can I uninstall? Been down that road before, you know. The whole "can't uninstall Sprint apps" thing is not my favorite.
  • WallaceD, yes you can uninstall it. It does not become permanent on the NS4G.
  • Thanks!
  • Additional choices are a good thing and Telenav works pretty well.
  • Used telenav for years...then went to google, then flirted with telenav again. its SOOO incredibly slow to startup, login and actually get going. I hate it... however I do like having it around as a backup though. Redundancy is never a bad thing. BTW I'm a traveling consultant and use my Nav all over the US and canada non-stop.
  • Sprint navigation =lost!
  • A well-thought out and reasoned post. Nice job!
  • I'm so happy that Sprint has made TeleNav available. I have always preferred Sprint Navigation over Google Navigation. Google Nav never worked on my Hero. It always takes me out of my way when I use it on my Nexus S. I will be downloading TeleNav right now.
  • High five! anyone? no?
  • *\o I hate telenav, but I'll never leave a man hangin'
  • lol
  • I don't particularly like TeleNav, but Google Nav still doesn't work in Puerto Rico so I use Sprint's product when I want spoken directions instead of just looking up my route on Google Maps.
  • Why would anyone want this garbage over Google Nav?!
  • It's user friendly and the voice is much more pleasant. With that said, I love Google Nav.
  • I would agree that I couldn't understand why anyone would want the old version of TeleNav. Yet, there was a major overhaul of this program a couple months ago that helps to put it on par with Google. It is much faster now, and new user features like Places, Local Apps, and voice serach make it quite pleasant to use. Now, it's fine while being free. Why anyone would upgrade to the 10 dollar a month premium version is far beyond me.
  • I see it even on my EVO Shift running CM7! Yes! Now for me it's under a package manager instead of a manual install..
  • Used it over a year ago. Used it today. Hated it then. Hate it now. Google maps is my preference.
  • I like the voice of Telenav better than Google's. It is smoother and easier to listen to. I never use it though because I am not sure if Telenav updates it's maps/places but I know Google updates theirs all the time and I don't want to risk getting directions to someplace that doesn't exist and wasting my lunch hour or whatever because of it. When you log into Telenav are you getting current maps/places or is it like a stand alone GPS where you are getting the information as it was when you purchased the device? I stopped using my Garmin even though it is a much better GPS than my phone because multiple times it has taken me to restaurants/places that are no longer there or sent me on fairly major roads that have had a significant change to them causing the directions to change slightly but adding quite a bit of time and I am not willing to spend over $100 or whatever to update maps that are updated all the time on Google for free.
  • This Telenav is a joke, a app sprint provides for free, they want you to pay for prem? This is my first android, but on my pre Sprint nav was just free. Is it like this for all sprint google phones? I do admit the google voice for nav sucks, so its good to see a alt. But not happy about the prem part.
  • It is just like the app on my Pre. You can get a premium on that one too. The free app has everything you need, it is the exact same app on all Sprint Smartphones I think. The premium status isn't needed and is a total waste of time. You don't get anything for premium.