Sprint HTC Hero News: Update Coming, Now $99 at Best Buy ?

Though we're sure all you Sprint HTC Hero users would really appreciate an Android 2.0 software update right about now, it looks like HTC isn't ready to deliver Eclair to you just yet. Instead, Sprint is ramping up a 'maintenance release' that'll presumably fix well-known bugs and software issues with the HTC Hero. You should receive the update in the next few weeks. [sprint]

BGR is whispering that the Sprint HTC Hero is now available for $99 with new 2-year contract at Best Buy. We'll be looking to see if this report is true but it makes sense considering the DROID Eris, Verizon's version of the HTC Hero, is offered at that price point. $99 is a fantastic deal for such a great Android device--HTC Sense is lovely to use, Sprint rate plans are affordable, and Android 2.0 should come eventually.

Casey Chan
  • While i'm happy that there is another great android device out for $99, it ticks me off that I spent $179.99 knowing that I could have waited a month and it drop down to $99.99. Reminds me when the iPhone 3G was released and then price cut a couple of weeks later. Apple/AT&T made a good gesture and offered some refunds. I know, "you're an early adopter." I'm just saying...
  • Sprint and HTC knew of the battery and memory leak problems before the Hero was released. Sprint has had this fix in there hands for weeks now and has decided to release a 126mb "feature" update to the Pre instead of pushing the Heros "critical" update first. Makes alot of sence doesnt it. Well thats Sprint for you!
  • I just bought this for $179.00, price match? Well atleast I am only paying 59.99(Employer referral program) a month compared to probably $110.00 or more on Verizon. I can deal with a smaller network for that price. Phone blows away any phone I have had so far anyways. Don't miss my Samsung Hue at all :-) Wish the batter lasted longer, but what do you expect when you use the phone constantly.....
  • this isnt an attack on you....but have you ever seen verizon attack sprint in adds? no, because sprints network is the only one verizon doesnt have flat ouot beat, its faster than verizons, more reliable and also just as large, they dont fear sprint because of bleeding customers to them, but ive had all the national carriers.....sprint, att, verizon and tmobile, always kept my sprint phone, because i have found it to be the best....cheapest and my bill is ALWAYS the same price every month.....(verizon bill never was)
  • Y'know, anytime a device gets a price cut announced, there's always someone who bought it just beforehand. That's just the way it is, early adopter or not. Besides, Sprint's hand was sort of forced by the competition. Apple just tried to gouge the early adopters, then dropped the price to keep sales up, and got scared when it caused some bad PR.
  • i got mine 10/30 for 179 should i be going to best buy to get my 79 dollars back
  • i have the blacberry tour with sprint, have had it replaced 3 times because of the trackball. my brother has verizon droid and its fast, it has a 800 processor. im debating weather to get the droid or the htc hero but my question is, is the hero as fast as the droid? i love the package with sprint and i know verizon will not match it. what should i do? joe
  • I just got my refunded amount of $79 plus tax back at Best Buy with no hassle. I got my Hero on 10/30/09 and they said since it was less then 30 days i qualified. So if you got your Hero with the 30 days of this special you are entitled. I believe the said this will last for the whole week.
  • too bad mine came direct from sprint in the mail... stuck at the 179 im sure.
  • I got my eris for the $99 price at Best Buy. Glad I did. I absolutely love it.
  • new accounts only
  • I bought my HTC Hero from Sprint over the phone. This was after a year had gone by when my contract expired. They gave me the 450 unlimited text and data for $49.99 a month. Thats all i will pay every month - no more no less. I live in SF and the reception has always been great here - never a dropped call. When I found out Best Buy offered it for $99 - i called to cancel (always call Sprints cancel dept 5 5 4 - they will bend over backwards to keep you from ATT or Verizon). I bought the phone on 10/20 and activated 10/27. Today is 11/19 - at first they tried some BS about contracts, etc... I got a supervisro on the phone and got $80 plus tax a;long with the $18 activation fee refunded. Once iMorons use HTC procducts, they will feel like fools for putting up with ATT/Apple for the obnoxious behavior. I dont need to be a follower - I am happy as all with a $50 everything plan and a $100 phone with excellent coverage and fairly good customer service (they are trying hard). So all you new Hero peeps - call Sprint now and get your adjustments.
  • Bought my Hero 1 1/2 weeks ago for $179. Went back to Best Buy yesterday and got refunded $79 plus tax. Must be done before your 30 days are up for the Price Match Guarantee.
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