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Sprint Galaxy Tab coming Nov. 14; Motorola i886 hits in January

Let's not beat around the bush here: The Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab (seen above as the Samsung P1 Tablet) is coming Nov. 14, according to the inventory spreadsheet that just hit our inbox. That's seven inches of Android tablet goodness, a 1GHz processor, and all the bells and whistles we saw during our hands-on with the Galaxy Tab back in August.

What we still don't know: Pricing, and whether Sprint will rig up any sort of cool Wimax tethering-case deal like it's done for the iPad.

The white Evo 4G -- previously sold at Best Buy -- also looks like it'll be available in stores, too, which is nice.

But, wait, there's more. Looks like the Motorola i886 will be dropping in January, right around CES. It's already been outed by the FCC (via Unwired View), and reportedly is a some sort of non-touchscreen iDEN-type device.

  • Old! Best Buy had it for a while now.
  • Its old But bestbuy no longer sells the white Evo. I myself got excited when I saw that. If you think about it, more rumor's are floating around about the white iPhone getting ready to finally get released. Maybe its a good selling point to have the white Evo out at the same time and Not be locked to just BestBuy. I think besbuy was a test to see how well the white Evo would sell.
  • Verizon's getting the Tab Nov. 10, TMobile is getting it Nov. 11, and Sprint's getting it Nov. 14? I think we have a good range of when to expect our tabs, no matter what network. Calling it now, between the 9th and the 15th for AT&T, with a chance of a Wifi only tab in that range.
  • whoa what are these other phones?
  • Its stupid that the Sprint Galaxy Tab will not have wimax built in.
  • Does that say Dell Mini 11Z Andros as in Dell Mini 11Z Android OS????