Some Sprint Galaxy S IIIs seem to be shipping out tonight

Sprint was serious when they said they would still be shipping out pre-orders of the 16GB versions of the Galaxy S III on time. Even though there's some sort of delay in the chain, users in the Sprint GSIII forums are getting their shipping notifications, much like RawisTheGameHhH's who you see above. 

The timing is perfect, you can read both our Sprint GSIII review as well as Alex's primer on the new Touchwiz while you're waiting and refreshing the UPS tracking number. Afterwards, be sure to dive in the forums feet first -- half the fun of having a new Android phone is finding ways to fiddle around with it, and there's some pros in there who think outside the box. Now hurry UPS trucks!

Source: Sprint Galaxy S III forums

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • I have the 32GB pre-ordered from 6-6-12 and I am still seeing a backorder notice. I'm not freakin out though. Have a little more patience than most. I can wait an extra week, considering I have been stuck with a Samsung Moment for 2 yrs. If it's 1st come 1st serve I will get it sooner than all that pre-ordered after the
  • You are more patient than I. At news of the delay I was ready to scream. However my circumstances are far worse than yours. My daily device has been a Samsung Highnote for more years than I care to share. Bills, gas and tuition have delayed my upgrade for far too long.
  • oh boy. Moment. good job. enjoy this phone man.
  • Thats funny my wife is still rocking her Moment. She wanted to take my OG EVO but i ordered 2 SGSIII so she can catch up with the rest of the world.
  • "I want a golden goose now daddy !!"
  • you are welcome guys; ill keep you updated in the forum!!!
  • Wow! the tax is so low
  • I received mine at 11:00am today. White. I'm on Sprint. Loving this device so far